Friday Favourites!!!

We are in the middle of a BEAUTIFUL summer here in Nova Scotia, so almost all of our “free time” these days is spent outside with the girls! I love it! This past week, Brian was home with the girls two days on his own and they went in their kiddie pool in the backyard one day and on an outing to the Discovery Centre the other day! My wonderful mother and mother in law watched them the other two days and our babysitter is back from vacation next week. I have had an insanely busy week at work, so I’ve tried to take it a bit easy in the evenings at home and just enjoy some down time reading or watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix 🙂

Sunrise from our back deck last week 

Here are some of my Friday favourites for this week:

Favourite Song:

Book Club by the Arkells

I can’t get enough of The Arkells after seeing them live on Canada Day…another of my favourites by them is Michigan Left. Perfect summer music, in my opinion.

Favourite Recipe:

Simple Summer Chopped Salad via Peanut Butter Fingers. MMMM so delicious!

PS – I am making cauliflower pizza dough for the first time this weekend…wish me luck :)!!

Favourite Book lately:

I was so happy to finish Jane Eyre this week (as I mentioned yesterday) and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great classic. The audiobook version I listened to was great.

Favourite Quote:


Favourite Coincidence:

Brian and I, spurred by a long afternoon of fussy kids last Saturday, called his wonderful parents to see if they would watch the kids so that we could catch a movie in the afternoon. We went to Jurassic World, and when we walked into the theatre we ran into some of our friends! We hadn’t seen them since their wedding and we went over to share supper with them after the movie to catch up. It was great to see them, and we often have a hard time making plans with them so the spontaneous visit was so appreciated! I loved Jurassic World too and it’s definitely the kind of movie to catch in theatres…I don’t think it’d be the same off the big screen!

Favourite Posts from around the web:

Twister Sifter sends out the top 50 photos of 2015 sporadically and some of these are fantastic this quarter.

Moms with kids home in the summer, you should check out this post with details about Camp Google. I might do some of the activities with Molly.

I love When at Home and this post has gone viral, but I wanted to share it in case you haven’t read it. I feel this way all the time and it is a good reminder that we’re not alone as mothers.

Happy weekend, everyone! We’re mostly taking it easy around here!!

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