Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes I’d ask the Book Genie To Grant me

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly link up at The Broke & The Bookish and some of the prompts are really fun! This one really made me think and I am looking forward to reading some others’ responses to it later tonight!! 🙂


1) Prevent J.K. Rowling from killing off Sirius, Hedwig or Dobby…s(spoilers are in white ink in case you are the last person on earth to read Harry Potter!)

2) Also make Hermione come and be my best friend in life 🙂

3) Have J.K. Rowling write another Harry Potter book about their life as adults (no return of Voldemort though thanks)

4) Help encourage Veronica Roth to write the ending to Allegiant a little bit differently…

5) Get Rob Thomas to write more Veronica Mars books

6) Allow me to read books while I’m sleeping so that I can read every book I want to in my lifetime

7) Allow me to remember every book I read before Goodreads so that I can see how many Sweet Valley High/Goosebumps/teenage dramas from the library I read as a teenager

8) Give me a bookwormy career 🙂 (Maybe someday!!)

9) Find a cure for book hangovers

10) Get Brian to read some of my favourite books with me

Check out the link up over here!!! What would you ask for from the Book Genie, if he or she existed?!?

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