Humpday Confessions on a Thursday!!!

One of my hilarious fellow Canadians started up her Confessions Link up again this week with a co-host and although I was busy yesterday remembering and enjoying my holiday reading Winter, I still want to participate in the link-up today!! Here are some recent confessions:

More Coffee Less Talky
  • I’m having a hard time thinking about getting back into another book today after finishing The Lunar Chronicles last night. I’m listening to Little Women on audiobook & I am loving it, and I’m reading The Silkworm and have not been too drawn in yet. Maybe I just need to give myself a day or two to savour how much I enjoyed Winter. I sincerely hope that this series is made into a movie franchise someday!!! 
  • I think I get more out of audiobooks than print sometimes, because I have this terrible partial-skimming habit when I am reading a really interesting book. I read really quickly if I’m intrigued and I know that I miss parts of books by skimming ahead. I can’t stop myself from doing it, and I definitely do not miss anything extremely important, just minor details/descriptive details but the only way I know to stop is to start reading words aloud in my head. I think that’s why the pace of audiobooks just seems slow to me, but I definitely absorb the entire book. Any tips for stopping this bad habit? I guess I will just rely on re-reading some books that I know I love. I think I might try Harry Potter on audiobook in 2016 because I know I will skim parts of it and I want to get it all in. #fastreaderproblems 
  • Most people in my real life don’t know about my blog. If someone were to blatantly ask me, I’d tell them, but for some reason, it just seems like it’s OK to keep it separate. Of course, Brian knows about it and I will probably share it with my immediate family sometime or they might have already discovered it, but I don’t know if all my friends from high school need to know that they can read my thoughts anytime they’d like (if that makes sense?)
  • I’m pretty confused about what day it is today thanks to the Remembrance Day holiday yesterday. I feel certain that it’s Monday and I have yoga tonight, but in fact it is Thursday and almost the weekend #soconfused?
  • Brian always makes fun of me for this, but if Lucy has a particularly good night of sleep (i.e. sleeps all night, sleeps till at least 6 am), I want her to wear the same pyjamas and do everything exactly the same the next night. We have a few pairs of good luck jammies. #superstitiousaboutsleep 
  • I thought I’d love these Jamberry nails more than I actually do and I am pretty sure I’ll take them off tomorrow…although looking at the picture, they aren’t too bad! 
Fall Fever Jamberry nails
  • My current yoga session ends in December and I thought I’d try to find a class that starts at 7 or 7:30 pm so I could go after the kids are in bed, but after thinking about it more, part of the joy of yoga for me is missing bedtime…6:00 class it is! #we’llseehowitgoes 
  • Molly’s halloween treat supply is slowly decreasing and she hasn’t had any of it in 2 days…

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