February Recap

Kristen and Gretch have a fun link up today called What’s New With You? so I thought I’d take a minute to recap the last month of my life (mostly for myself to look back on ;)).

What's New With You

My blog was down last week and it was a very simple fix but I just couldn’t seem to find the free time to read about it and figure it out. I’m still not exactly sure what caused the “error” but it seems to be working OK now with the exception of some formatting along the sidebar…but at least you can read posts OK now!!

February was an INSANELY busy month for me for some reason, but it was fun too. What have I been so busy doing? Mostly, mothering and decluttering. haha. I SERIOUSLY underestimated how much I would get done on my extra two days a week at home with the kids. They require constant, constant attention. Although I LOVE this extra time with my girls and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, by the time Tuesday morning comes, I am more than happy to pop into work for 3 days. It has been a total whirlwind.

Some events from February:

1) Fell in love with Persuasion (book + movie). I will be talking about this more next week for the Show us Your Books link up! I honestly did not get through very many books this month at all, partially due to being exhausted by 8pm many nights, and partially because one book I read was long!! I also invested a bit of time into Netflix which cuts out time for reading and I am commuting to work less so there’s less reading time then too!! Right now I have about 8 books on the go at once, so hopefully I’ll finish one soon…LOL.

2) Spent some time with wonderful friends, spent Valentine’s Day with my entire extended family at my parents’ house

3) Celebrated birthdays in my immediate family (brother, sister, dad)

4) Threw out a TON of stuff and donated 4 huge cardboard boxes of toys/clothes/books etc to Goodwill. I am still working on some more but this was MAJOR progress for us.

5) Caught up on Suits on Netflix (which is still a season behind regular TV)…Brian and I both love this show 🙂

6) Lucy had another ear infection AKA didn’t sleep well for about 2 weeks 😉

7) Lucy had her surgery to put tubes in her ears so that the fluid will drain and she will a) have less ear infections and b) be able to hear better AKA talk more. It was very minor surgery and it all went well. We are already noticing an improvement in her speech!

8) Molly is loving preschool and is learning how to read! She can read us about 5 books now #proudmom

9) Registered Molly for real school & we will register her for French Immersion on April 1.

10) Missed 2 yoga classes due to weather & a holiday but feeling much more flexible after doing it at home occasionally too!!

11) Started bullet journaling and fell down a rabbit hole on Pinterest. I am still not sure if my life is busy enough for it, but I like combining a journal and a planner in one book, and I like that it can be whatever you need it to be!

12) We replaced the floor in our kitchen. Brian has done most of it himself and he is ALMOST done but our entire main floor has been complete dusty chaos this week.

***ALSO, today marks the anniversary of the day that Brian and I first met 6 YEARS AGO!!! I wrote more about that experience 2 years ago here. Happy meetiversary, babe!! xo

Head on over to Kristen or Gretchen’s blog to check out the link up today and see “what’s new” with everyone else!!

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