Life Lately & Links

I can’t necessarily say that life lately has been busy, although at moments it has been, but I have been prioritizing my down-time and unfortunately haven’t found the time to blog. BUT I have found more time to do yoga, read, and run, so it’s not all bad! 🙂

We had a lovely Easter weekend with friends and both sides of the family. The girls loved hunting for eggs, and Molly has been re-hiding them for the past couple of days. Brian was super happy because the Easter bunny wife (aka me) hid an egg in a hole in one of our sound system speakers and now it won’t come out (he’s SO happy about that – silly Easter bunny #oops). We got in some good playground time, and of course, enjoyed a few extra sweets and adult beverages. I felt like both Friday (a holiday here so Brian was home – I’m always home on Fridays these days) and Saturday were good “down-time” days for me. I had plenty of things that I had to do – laundry, cleaning, etc. but I just let them go and took some time to spend with Brian, read in bed (during the day!!), nap, and do some yoga. It was really relaxing to just take that time. (By the way, this was for about 2 hours while Lucy was napping and Molly was at my in-law’s house, in case you were wondering about how someone manages to do that with 2 small kids running around, haha). 
I’ve still been keeping up (as best I can!) with some of my favourite bloggers, and I’m still pretty tuned into Goodreads to see what others are reading and update my progress. I’ve also read some really interesting articles and blog posts lately, and I wanted to share a few of them here:
Modern Mrs. Darcy’s favourite bookstagram accounts to follow (some great suggestions in the comments, too!)
Jenn’s review of What are you Hungry For really stood out to me and I’m keen to read parts of the book now. 
Gretchen Rubin’s blog turns 10 today and I found this post of hers from awhile ago, which I love. I am partway through The Happiness Project and Better than Before and they are both AWESOME but it takes me awhile to digest non-fiction 🙂 This post about abstainers vs. moderators on Julie’s blog was interesting today as well!
10 energizing meditation songs – some of these are fantastic because I love listening to music at work, but I can’t always listen to lyrics while I’m typing 🙂 Another great post is this one which talks about the benefits of meditation. 
This isn’t recent, but I love reading stories about how people met / real-life love stories and some of these are really sweet. 
I haven’t tried this one yet, but apparently this one sentence has an amazing ability to calm an upset child (in certain circumstances). Here’s another post with a great round up of podcasts for parents, too! 
As an avid Harry Potter fan and an avid reader in general, I found this article interesting. 
I love Kenzie’s blog, and this post entitled “Dear Discouraged One” found me on the right day.
MuscleWiki is a neat site for targeting certain muscle groups when working out.
I’ll be back later this week with some other thoughts that have been swirling around in my head 😉

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