April Recap (What’s New With You link up!)

I love this link up with Kristen and Gretch. It gives me a chance to blog about life. I realize I have a chance to do this anytime I want and I rarely take the opportunity (BUSY busy) but I like reading other people’s posts today too, so it’s fun to do it at the start of the month and look back on the last little bit πŸ™‚

April flew by in a flash, as I knew it would. Honestly though, I feel like I gave myself a lot of downtime in April too so there is not necessarily a lot of SUPER EXCITING NEWS to report or anything. Here are some highlights from the month:

  • Finished Erin’s Book Challenge 4.0 – (here’s her final post about the challenge too) I’ll be chatting about the last book (The Nightingale) and my other recent reads next Tuesday for Show Us Your Books! Honestly, if you are ever interested in a book challenge, I *loved* Erin’s…the categories were broad enough that I found some incredible books, and the facebook group is really interactive. Plus, I love the 4 month time frame because I was able to read lots of other non-challenge books without feeling pressured. It was really fun. The next one is in July πŸ™‚
  • Ran my second 5K of the year in a much faster time than I expected (30:30). It was a really interesting race through Citadel Hill, which is an old fortress in downtown Halifax. We ran through trenches (in the moat), up and down the hill, and along the rapports. It was super fun and I was really pleased with it all!! Next race is a 10K on June 25 πŸ™‚ 
  • Joined the intermediate/advanced yoga class with my teacher instead of the beginner and am already starting to notice a LOT of progress. The class is a lot more yoga than the beginner class, which was a lot of the basics etc. I am really, REALLY enjoying it and only wish I could fit in another of her classes in the week (the Monday one is the only really close class).
  • Spent tons of time outside with the kids, including helping Molly ride her bike πŸ™‚

  • Celebrated my beautiful niece’s baptism and became a godmother!! (no picture because she isn’t my kid ;))
  • Kept enjoying White Collar with Brian (we’ll probably finish the whole series by the end of May). By the way, it’s kind of sad that a show is a highlight of the month but we did get through 2-3 seasons in the last month and I am pretty hooked…haha. After this, we’re going to catch up on Brooklyn 99 AKA one of my favourite shows (SO FUNNY).
  • Had a brutal cough go through the house as well as the flu (just 2 of them luckily) and Lucy has 2/4 of her 2 year molars..so to say that I slept a bit less would be accurate too. OR alternatively just went to bed early a lot. haha.

And that’s about it – not a SUPER exciting month in some ways, but it was a good one overall! May is already shaping up to be awesome. We have a few busy weekends, but it is all fun stuff so I’m looking forward to it!! I am also doing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge this month…so wish me luck!!! I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Linking up with Kristen ❀ and Gretch today!! Go check out the link up!

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