A wonderful weekend

We’ve definitely had a lot of busy weekends this summer, especially because I transitioned from 4-day weekends (working part time) to the usual 2 day weekend around the end of June. However, I said before that our kids are at great ages to just get out and go, so we’re absolutely enjoying that. I was REALLY looking forward to this weekend last Thursday and Friday, and it didn’t disappoint!!

Started off with some delicious sushi for lunch on Friday afternoon with two co-workers. It was amazing and it had been too long since I’d had sushi.

On Friday night, Brian had softball so I played outside with the kiddos, did some yoga, and read my book. It was relaxing and wonderful.

Saturday felt like a go-go-go day, especially since it started at 5 am (thank you toddler :D)…did a LOT of cleaning, a lot of purging and organizing, and a lot of stickers with the kids. We played outside again and then headed out to my parents’ house in the afternoon to visit with them and my sister, brother-in-law and niece.

We had a GREAT time with my adorable baby niece. We hadn’t seen them in a month (they live about an hour away) and she has grown sooo much. My mom had some extended family over in the evening and we played board games, watched a bit of the Olympics and then watched the final Tragically Hip concert, which was amazing and emotional.

If you haven’t heard of The Tragically Hip, they are a Canadian band from Kingston, Ontario (where my sister and her husband did their Med & law degrees!) They have 14 albums out and have been a band since 1983. I love a lot of their music and have been privileged enough to see them live twice here in Halifax. In May, the band announced that their lead singer, Gord Downie, had been diagnosed with incurable terminal brain cancer. So they did this final tour and it is expected that it might be their last. Many Canadians have been pretty emotional about this news, and the final concert was broadcast live commercial-free on Saturday night. I couldn’t’ believe the energy of the group at this concert (which we watched on TV). It was incredible. And they played one of my favourite songs:

There is also a great article about The Tragically Hip here. 

Sunday, we hung out at my parent’s house for a little bit before coming home and visiting with one of Brian’s friends. It was amazing and relaxing to come home to such a clean house. I am loving all of the purging and reorganizing because I truly feel that less stuff in the house means less cleaning and a happier Heather. I now have a dedicated work-out area set up in the basement (a whole corner to myself! haha!) and a yoga space set up in our bedroom with no distractions and I feel wonderful about this. Yesterday afternoon, I just embraced spending time with the kids. We have all had a bit of a stomach bug (but not TOO sick) for a week, so went to bed early and woke up feeling pretty refreshed this morning and ready to take on the week.

What a great weekend – some relaxing, some socializing, some nice weather, some sleep, and back at it today.

I also mentioned on Instagram last night that my aunt wrote and published a novel this year. You can check it out here on Amazon (kindle edition) for free today!!!

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