Links I Love

I always love it when a blogging friend posts a good list of links, so I wanted to share some today.

ALSO: I got approved to test the beta version of Litsy for Android! My username is heathershurrah so if you have Litsy, please add me and teach me about it!! It seems really fun so far!! 

I was reminded of this post this week. The comments really blow me away and I could spend hours reading. If you love words, this one is for you.

Brian just started drinking coffee regularly this year and he had his first pumpkin spice latte last weekend. I’m going to try one of these recipes out on him this weekend.

This season is a great one for starting anew, and I really feel that way this year with the school year starting off. Here are some fun fall challenges.

Janssen originally mentioned this productivity method and I have been implementing it with GREAT success at home and at work.

If you have curly hair, you should try out this method. It worked SO well for my hair and was comfy, too!

We have more zucchinis than we know what to do with these days, so I’m going to try this recipe ASAP.

This post really made me want to strive to avoid looking at my phone in the morning and start the day with a bit more introspection and peace.

I have been using a loose version of a bullet journal for a few months now and I love it. This post is a great one if you’re thinking about getting started with one.

I’m not sure yet how I feel about Instagram stories, and honestly, I have cut back on social media a lot lately, but this post on Instagram stories was still very informative.

A fun Harry Potter activity.

Happy weekend!!!

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