Links that are too good not to share

Happy Friday!!! I have a few posts on the go right now, but none of them are quite ready to be published yet, so here is some information I’m dying to share with the rest of the world!! We have a fun weekend ahead of us because we’re celebrating my niece’s 1st birthday tomorrow! I can’t wait. I’m finishing up the cake tonight, and with any luck, it’ll look like this:


Wish me luck that the icing works out!!!

Here are some fun links I’ve seen around the web this week.

  • I’m still all over Gilmore Girls and I loved this post about books the author would recommend to characters in Stars Hollow. 
  • I’m hooked on Better than Before, Gretchen’s Rubin’s book about habit building. This discussion about loopholes was especially fascinating (and relatable!) to me.
  • I may or may not know that one of my Christmas gifts is an instant pot (I’m so excited!) and I’m already pretty hooked on finding recipes. This site is a good one.  
  • My kids are still a bit young for these prompts, but I LOVE this.
Have a great weekend everyone!! 

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