2016: a quick recap of the year

I’ve loved participating in Kristen & Gretch’s What’s New With You link ups every month, and I find it nice to look back on the year and just see everything notable that happened each month. Especially as the girls grow up, I think it’s really important for me to focus on some of these small but fun things. Here is some of what we did in 2016, mostly for me to look back on, but also to share.


  • I started working part-time for 6 months. Molly started preschool simultaneously. We all settled into a different routine.
  • I ran a 5K race, my first race ever in winter. It was good, but chilly and icy!
  • I lost the solitary diamond from my engagement ring but Brian was able to find it in our kitchen sink trap. One of the worst days of my life – the stress I felt was unimaginable. I will now ABSOLUTELY commit to getting my ring inspected twice a year without any exception, ever.
  • We went to see The Arkells live and it was the most amazing thing ever.

  • We registered Molly for primary (grade school).
  • I continued on my path of decluttering our home (it’s a continual project, really)
  • We saw most of my family for Valentine’s day and that was great
  • Brian renovated our kitchen/hallway floors on the same weekend Lucy had surgery to put tubes in her ears (all went well)
  • Molly absolutely loved preschool!

  • We had a wonderful Easter holiday
  • Lucy turned 2 years old!!!
  • We got completely hooked on White Collar

  • I read my first Louise Penny book ❤ I also finished Eligible in a day! What a great reading month, actually.
  • I ran my second 5K race of the year at Citadel Hill and got my fastest time post-children
  • I started in the advanced yoga class with my teacher
  • Brian and I became godparents to our beautiful niece, my sister’s daughter

  • We saw Shrek: The Musical at Neptune Theater, which was Molly’s first Neptune show. She really enjoyed it but she got a bit antsy
  • We saw Raffi live in concert for the second time (Lucy’s first time)
  • We enjoyed brunch and lobster dinner for Mother’s Day with my mother in law and mom 🙂
  • Molly had primary orientation at Brian’s elementary school

  • We went out for dinner & to The Board Room Game Cafe for our 4th anniversary
  • we celebrated Brian’s birthday
  • we went to Brian’s cousin’s wedding and saw a lot of his family that we don’t see very often
  • We celebrated a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday in the park
  • I ran a very slow 10K race in 100% humidity and extreme heat (the day after that wedding I just mentioned)
  • Molly “graduated” from preschool (cue the mom tears)
  • We took the girls to Upper Clements Park, an amusement park 2 1/2 hours away – they absolutely loved it but it was definitely a looooong day of travelling! We will be back though! 
  • We were on vacation for the last week of June & first part of July
  • Molly started summer soccer 

  • We had a great Canada Day with friends
  • I started back at work full-time again & one of my awesome co-workers came back from maternity leave
  • Lucy got her first hair cut!
  • I saw Love & Friendship with a close friend
  • We travelled to New Brunswick for the weekend to visit friends and it was a nice break

  • We went to one of my best friend’s weddings 2 hours away for the weekend; Molly was the flower girl
  • I saw some old friends from university and was so happy to catch up with them
  • We celebrated my birthday
  • I listened to The Arkell’s new album non-stop
  • I devoured Harry Potter & the Cursed Child in a day

  • I ran another 5K race & Brian and the girls surprised me at the finish line
  • Molly turned 5 & we had a family party for her
  • Molly started school and a new daycare
  • Molly was super overtired and this was a challenging parenting month, but we got it sorted out by October
  • We saw Beauty & The Beast at Neptune on Molly’s birthday weekend ❤ 
  • We went apple picking in the valley with my sister & her family & my parents
  • I joined the PTA at Molly’s school

  • I went to see The Barra MacNeils with my family & absolutely loved it
  • We had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house with 30 people
  • We took the girls to a few indoor playgrounds around the city, which they LOVED.
  • I spent 5 days away from Brian and the girls in Calgary to attend my cousin’s wedding
  • I took Molly to her Halloween Howl at school & we took the girls trick-or-treating
  • I saw one of my old roommates and her boyfriend, which was SO great. I was beyond happy to catch up with them.

  • Molly got her first (excellent) report card & we had our first interview with her teacher, which went extremely well. She also had her first field trip & learned a French song for Remembrance Day, which was adorable and sweet
  • I had 3 Fridays off (sick, holiday, vacation) which was kind of nice. I got used to 4-day work weeks
  • We visited my sister & her family for a day
  • We saw Fantastic Beasts in theatres (loved it) and I watched Gilmore Girls with a close girlfriend all in one night (marathon! haha)
  • We got a heat pump installed 

  • I’ll share more about December tomorrow, but we had a wonderful but busy month
  • We attended Brian’s work Christmas party (I had laryngitis but it was still a fun night out, haha)
  • We celebrated my niece’s first birthday & saw Santa in the mall on the way down (the girls were fantastic!) 
  • We celebrated Christmas, probably our best one yet; the girls were so excited!!
  • We visited a lot of family & friends
  • We played a lot of board games
  • We had one huge snowstorm but no snow for Christmas, Molly had 1 1/2 snow days
  • The Nova Scotia teachers began work-to-rule, which hasn’t affected us in huge ways but means no extra-curriculars at school etc. We are hoping they resolve it all soon.
Tomorrow I’m linking up with Kristen & Gretch to share what’s new with me, including a Christmas vacation recap 🙂 On Friday, I’m planning to share some things I’m looking forward to in 2017 and some goals!!!

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