February Recap

February was a bit of a weird month in some ways, but it was really good too! We had a series of crazy snow storms, so I got to spend a lot of unexpected time at home with my little family. We also had a little bit more illness than I would have hoped for, but I think we are all on the mend now.

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Here are some of the things that happened in February:

We had a date night while the girls slept over at my in-law’s house. We went for all-you-can-eat sushi (and managed to not eat TOO much), browsed a bit at Chapters (book store), and watched Inferno. We also slept in a bit the next day. It was lovely. πŸ™‚ When we picked the girls up the next day, they had made these fun k-cup flower bouquets with my very crafty mother-in-law:

We also took the kids to an indoor playground, or, rather, Brian took them to the indoor playground and I went to Costco and Walmart. When I went back to the indoor play place, there were millions (ok, at most 100) of kids running around and screaming and I questioned my anxiety levels. We left pretty quickly after that. haha. I am way too used to my quiet children.

After that, we had a sick toddler on our hands (SEE ABOVE) and then we also got the MASSIVE snow storms I mentioned. On one day, the entire city was basically shut down and it was suggested that nobody should be on the roads at all unless it was a complete and utter emergency. We all stayed home, built forts, read books, and ate comfort food. haha. In the midst of that, we celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Brian had gone into work on Valentine’s Day, but our daycares were still closed from the snow so I stayed home. It was a lovely day overall. I also made us some DELICIOUS steaks for supper. Brian brought home flowers that night – one dozen for me and a half dozen each for Molly and Lucy. They were SO excited and surprised and it was super sweet of him.

We made it out (thankfully!) the night after that to see the Arkells in concert. They are one of our favourite bands, and this is our third time seeing them live. They did not disappoint. It was a great show and I can’t wait to see them again sometime soon. The girls slept over at my in-law’s house again that night (a weeknight!) and we actually were unable to pick them up until 3pm the next day due to MORE snow. It was quite a relaxing snow day at home without the girls, I must say.

I met up with some girlfriends for a delicious supper on Friday of that week and it was amazing to have some girl time together. I really cherish that time with friends that I don’t see as often as I’d like to. We also did some sledding out at my parent’s house that weekend, which was SO fun, and I made it out for another run while the kids were entertained there. That night, we had some friends over for board games. We went out to a pub the next evening to hear my cousin play some fiddle tunes – the girls loved it. We don’t get to bring them out to hear live music as much as I’d like to because it is often so late at night.

We had some good friends over for brunch the next day, including some toddlers and a baby. It was fun to cuddle with a baby again ;). We also went over to another friend’s house for supper. The long weekend was basically the busiest weekend of my introverted life in recent past because I had spent SO much time cooped up at home during the snowstorms and we just really wanted to get on the go! 
At the end of the month, we celebrated my dad’s birthday (yay!), got new kitchen appliances delivered (finally! I love them!!!) 
Now that I see all this written out, it’s pretty clear why I didn’t get in as much reading time as usual. That AND the fact that I did get through about 6 more hours of The Count of Monte Cristo in audiobook format but I still have 30 hours to go…hahaha. I’m also really enjoying Life in Pieces on Netflix and we watched a few other movies: Girl on the Train, Arrival, and Fences. 
Plus, there’s this:
Anyone else checking on April at least a couple times a day? I signed up to get e-mailed when she is in active labour. I know it’s ridiculous but the internet has just gone and sucked me right into that no problem.
March is off to a great start! It’s a fun month with March break for the kids (but I’m working), St. Patrick’s Day & BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Daylight savings time + first day of Spring, and Lucy’s 3rd birthday!!
What’s new with you??!?!?! 
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