March Mayhem Recap (What’s New? link up)

I expected March to be a little bit calmer than February, and in some ways, it was, but we sure did a lot this month too!!! We got a lot more snow, including on the first day of Spring (boo!), Molly had March break from school, Lucy was *really* sick for about a week, Brian was sick 3 times with a “cold”, and we saw a lot of friends and family. I also read some amazing books (more on that next Tuesday!), saw Beauty and the Beast, and did a little bit of running, some yoga, and some pilates. Phew.

Here are some highlights:

We stayed overnight with some close friends who have a dog and a cat. My kids are obsessed with the cat (we won’t ever have one because Brian and I are both allergic, but I like cuddly cats too). Lucy decided that her stuffed cat was friends with Teemu and every time the cat would move, she would move her stuffed cat next to her. It was adorable and hilarious:

I had some delicious food, including shawarma salad (a chicken shawarma without the pita but with lots of lettuce AKA soo good), a tuna salad with tons of veggies and curry (this was delicious, recipe to come), had 3 delicious burgers during Halifax burger week, and the kids devoured cake on several occasions, including my aunt’s birthday. 
I also made these delicious paleo banana muffins that I’ve been wanting to try from Julie’s blog.They were fantastic and the kids loved them too. 
We caught some live music – my cousin playing piano with my university friend on the small pipes and my cousin playing fiddle with piano accompaniment for St. Patty’s Day.
I had a wonderful girl’s night out to see Beauty & The Beast with my good friend Laura. It was amazing. I cried a little bit (thank you Paris). The music was gorgeous as was all of the cinematography. I loved how French it was. I loved the library scenes and all of the characters, of course. I made shirts for myself and my friend to wear to the movie & we also had little red rose earrings which were a fun purchase. I also did my nails with Jamberry’s Unexpected Romance which was a fun one. 
The girls dressed up for St. Patty’s Day but Lucy was actually really sick that week (lethargic, runny nose, drippy eyes, it was weird but she is OK now). You can see her all snuggled up and sick here 😦
As I mentioned last week, Lucy turned 3 on Friday March 31. I still can’t believe how fast they are growing. I had the afternoon off work that day so I picked the kids up from daycare/school and took them to an indoor playground. It was AWESOME. Usually, I am not a big fan of those indoor playgrounds and Brian is happier to be there with the kids because there are SO many other kids there and I find that I get a bit anxious. When we went on Friday at 2pm, there were only 3 other kids there and lots and lots of space for my kids to play happily. It was great and they were so happy. I took a few pictures but mostly just chased them around and watched them play, which was awesome for my mommy soul. We then had pizza for supper while watching Paw Patrol (this is a major treat) and celebrated the next day with family and friends. It was fantastic and I was so grateful to be able to spend lots of extra time with these two special little girls.
Molly also finished indoor soccer this month and both girls will be playing outdoor soccer this summer. They are also participating in a Youth running race series which was supposed to start this weekend but has been delayed with the snow. Molly got an awesome second report card and we meet with her teacher this evening. Our family also developed a new obsession with Trolls, and I think Brian loves the music more than any of us. It’s such a cute kids movie & I think we could do a whole lot worse 😉 
April is going to be pretty fun – we get Friday and Monday off at Easter and that will be great. I’m hoping to finish up Erin’s book challenge and read some other great spring time books. I have a 5K on April 30 and the kids have two races. 🙂 It’s going to be a nice month!!
SO, what’s new with you lately?! Check out Kristen and Gretch’s blogs today to see what everyone else is sharing this month!! 
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