18 Things Before 2018

For some reason, I feel substantially more motivated in September than I do in January. I love the start of the new year in January and all of the goals to accomplish in a calendar year, but truth be told, January is SUCH an unmotivating month where I live. It’s not easy to start to develop fitness goals when it’s -30C outside for the next 3 months and there’s a pile of snow 6 ft high in your driveway (this is an exaggeration but not too far off). It’s harder to find fresh and delicious veggies too. However, I love setting reading goals and writing goals in January, and it is a good time for decluttering and organizing.

This year, September feels like a fresh start. Next week, I am switching to a permanent part time position in my current job. When this came up as an option for me as my full-time contract was ending, I talked to Brian about it and we both decided that this is right for us right now. Our younger daughter will now have the chance to go to preschool, and I’ll have more time with both of them. I’m also hoping to have more time for ME. (and maybe a cleaner house, too :)). It’s very exciting and very motivating overall. 
All of this being said, September is feeling great so far. We are eating quite healthy and making real lifestyle changes. I have been running more than I did in the summer heat. I’m getting back into reading after vacation left me drained. I have more energy, and I am sleeping better. I am nurturing my relationships as best I can. I am hoping to get back into blogging more too and I have some fun updates in mind. 
So here are 18 things I’d like to accomplish before 2018 (thanks for the inspiration for this post, Steph!)
1) Complete my Goodreads goal. I know, I know, quality over quantity, etc. Actually, this should be no problem if I keep reading at my current rate, but I always read a bit less when I’m not working full time because I am parenting more, and I don’t have as much commuting time to read (Right now I’m at 76/100).
2) Beat my 10K time from 2015. I’m aiming to do this at the end of October in my last race of 2017. 
3) Par down my wardrobe. I don’t think I’m ever going to be cut out for a capsule wardrobe, but working only 3 days a week means I don’t need quite as many “office” outfits. 
4) Develop a new budget and stick to it. Our finances will change a bit with my work situation, but there’s no reason we can’t stick to a new normal. 
5) Sort my way through the ultimate homemaking bundle I purchased earlier this year and start utilizing all of the resources. 
6) Read and implement suggestions from The Four Tendencies and Reading People. I’ve been anxiously awaiting both of these books and pre-ordered both of them to have on my shelf. Can’t wait to learn more about personality and achieving goals. 
7) Carve out more quality time with Brian (at least 3 meaningful date nights before Christmas).
8) Set up and maintain a reasonable “office space” in our home for myself. Along with this goes blogging more regularly. Brian is all for building me a new desk, but I’m not committed to that idea yet. 
9) Organize and set up a great system for the girls’ entertainment during the days I’m home: craft supplies, puzzles, etc. 
10) Send out homemade Christmas cards to all of our loved ones
11) Finish a travel scrapbook with Molly about our trip to Toronto this summer
12) Actively participate in my new French course (starts next week, 3 hours/week for 8 weeks) and move on to the next level in 2018. So excited to get back into learning French. 
13) Soak up all the fall things in our beautiful province (apple picking, hiking, soup-making, corn-mazing). 
14) Create a clear chore chart for the girls and work on cleaning up after ourselves.
15) Finish Erin’s challenge. I have 4 books left: Beach Music, Dark Matter, and Young Jane Young (which I am almost halfway through), and Flowers for Algernon. 
16) Make a dent in my Netgalley shelf
17) Create some great playlists to enjoy at home for the kids and for myself. We have Google Play music (Spotify’s best friend/biggest competitor? haha) and I don’t use it nearly enough. 
18) Back up all of the files from my 2008 MacBook (which has seen better days) and sort photos
I love fall! We’ve still had pretty summery weather here, and I’m not complaining, but this time of year brings so much joy to all of us and I am especially looking forward to this change in my work-life balance. 
Here’s to ending 2017 with a bang!!
Happy weekend, everyone 🙂 

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