Great Gifts from Uncommon Goods

Christmas is my favourite time of year, hands down. I have always loved this season, but it is a MILLION times better with our own kids. Being a parent at Christmas time is so much fun. Being the avid researcher that I am, I love to pick out fun, useful, and unique gifts for our family and friends. I’d say that Brian leaves 98% of the gifting ideas to me (including my own), haha, and he is happy to do so. Gift giving (and gift planning!) just provides me with a lot of enjoyment.

I don’t typically start decorating for Christmas or getting TOO crazy about the season until the end of November, but I do like to finish most of our shopping before that. Over the next couple of weeks, I have a few posts planned about some unique gift ideas. Today in particular, I’m highlighting a few ideas for Christmas I really love from Uncommon Goods. For instance, a literary scarf like this one has been high on my wish-list all year:

I’m having a hard time deciding between Pride & Prejudice and the grey Sense & Sensibility scarf

If you haven’t heard of Uncommon Goods, there are a few things to love about them. Many of their products are made by artists that you can read about and feel good about supporting. Each product page has the option to read the story behind the product and the maker.

Further to this, to really prove their desire to offer sustainability to the world around them, Uncommon Goods became one of the first B Corporation companies 10 years ago. B Corporation rigorously provides third-party certification of sustainable practices. Guys, I did my Master’s thesis on corporate social responsibility and I work in evaluation so I can not understate how great this is to see.

Above all, for me personally, I always love when I find a company that ships to Canada and lists prices in Canadian dollars. It’s so frustrating to find a great gift online and then find out I can’t even get it in my country 🙂

If you’re anything like me, there are a people in your life that really stump your gift giving mojo at Christmas. For me, the hardest people to buy for are the ones who have everything they want and need…or so it seems. A great option for this group of people are some of the gifts with a personal touch available from Uncommon Goods.

Faux bois mug set
I’ve always loved codes although I don’t know Morse code…this necklace is pretty dainty and fun! I think I like how Heather looks in Morse code 😉
I love to gift my children with unique toys and Uncommon Goods has no shortage of interesting things that children will love. I love to buy high quality toys that I know we will get a lot of use from, and a few things are quite appealing to me (us):
I’m almost certain we are going to buy this little patient toy for Lucy this year, and if not, we will buy it for my niece next year since both of her parents are doctors and she comes by her interest naturally :). Another one of my favourite things to buy for any kids in my life is bath toys because they just don’t last forever and always make that time of day more exciting. I think my kids need this toy in their lives:
Lastly, I’m pretty convinced that this is the perfect gift for my board-game-loving-baseball-playing husband. So fun, right?
Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Or maybe you’ve just started making lists? I have a few more gift guides to share in the coming weeks including my children’s most loved gifts, gifts for book lovers, and husband gift ideas. I’ll be back tomorrow talking about all of my favourite recent reads for Show us Your Books too. Can’t wait!

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods, but all of these opinions and ideas are my own! I love this store and what it stands for, and we have made several purchases of our own from here since they started shipping to Canada. 

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