What’s New – November recap

Time for another recap of the last month!! Linking up with Kristen and Gretch today for What’s New with you?

November flew right by, but we really weren’t “super busy” or anything, and when I went to look back on pictures, we didn’t do a ton of super exciting things. BUT that’s okay. I got a lot of our Christmas shopping done – and got the house prepped for the holidays although we didn’t decorate til this past weekend. I also read a lot of good books, Brian and I started a new show, and we had a date night out πŸ™‚ Here are a few random pictures to share from the month:

We spent a fun weekend overnight at our friends’ house, and the girls loved it. We will probably see them again later this month before or after Christmas.

I read a lot of wonderful books that I can’t wait to talk about next week, including this one (Wishtree):

The girls wrote their letters to Santa and mailed them – they received letters back from Santa last week and they were SO excited. πŸ˜‰

Brian and I went out for supper and saw Murder on the Orient Express, which I actually liked a lot more than the rest of the world, apparently. I agree that the book was better (isn’t it always though?!) but I still liked it, and I’m not even the world’s hugest Kenneth Branagh fan so that’s saying something too. I thought the visual aspects were quite well done.

We set up our Wii in the living room (it has been sitting in the basement unused for a couple of years) and tried to play Wii bowling with the kids – it didn’t end well but I think they are just a bit too young/too competitive. Lucy created her Mii that looks like this (because it is sunny and cold out, so she says)…haha

On Black Friday, we were driving down our street and someone had a HUGE dollhouse on the curb for garbage day. I was completely baffled but we decided to take it home. It’s in almost perfect shape and the girls are loving it – although they aren’t playing with it quite as much as I expected. It has since been moved from that corner but it is a permanent fixture in our living room now….
Honestly, not much else went on in November! We were able to see some of our friends and we have a few groups of friends going through some hard stuff these days so we’ve been trying to be there for all of them as much as possible. December is flying right by, as it always does, and I can’t wait for a wonderful Christmas season (and some time off work!) with our little family. My brother is coming for a visit for a week (CAN’T WAIT), and we will have lots of other family to visit with too. The girls are already pretty wound up and excited constantly, but that’s a children’s Christmas, right? πŸ™‚ We also got to spend a lot of time with my adorable niece:
I’m also reading a lot of Austen retellings/adaptations this month!! I hope to share more about this next week but I was really just craving these types of stories and I’m happy to be spending her birthday month reading (very loosely adapted) stories πŸ™‚
What’s new with you lately??

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