5 on Friday: 5 things saving my life right now

I love this annual link up that Modern Mrs. Darcy hosts around this time every winter. I think I lean particularly towards cuddling up indoors during the Canadian winter months and I absolutely revert to comforting things to get me through to spring, summer (and my all-time favourite – FALL!).

Today I’m reflecting on 5 things that are really bringing small amounts of joy to my life during these winter months.


Connecting with others. 

I consider myself an introvert, but I probably really am an ambivert. I love connecting with my close friends, and it’s harder to do that in the winter. If I’ve been replying to your instagram stories more lately than usual or e-mailing you or texting you, that’s because I am seeking some chatter about books or life or something! I have a few plans to see some good friends in February and I already can’t wait – it’s so nice to be in the present of wonderful women and just catch up and laugh and share a glass of wine. I’ve made a special effort this month to send a few things in the mail to family and friends too and drop off a few easy birthday gifts to girlfriends. It’s simple, but it has brought me so much joy to connect with these people. I have also made a couple of new friends and I am working to deepen those friendships! πŸ™‚ I have also been avidly reading blogs but I need to get caught up on commenting and replying to e-mails!!! That’s my goal for tonight.


Sleepytime tea and a warm magic bag. 

I absolutely love curling up in a comfy chair with a cup of sleepytime (any herbal) tea before bed and with a magic bag to keep me warm. Our house isn’t exactly cold – we keep the heat at 20 degrees most of the time with the heat pump, but this feels so cozy and nice πŸ™‚



This is helping my neck pain and posture so much – I did quite a few of the Yoga with Adriene videos in January as well as my regular class on Monday nights. Yoga is the best.


Fresh Air.

I tend to prefer the indoors in the winter months but we have had some lovely days with fun snow this year and I have had more time to be outside with the kids (or on my own). It has remarkably cleared my head on more than one occasion and dare I say I have actually enjoyed being outside in the snow more than usual?? Overall we have had a somewhat milder winter (in my opinion) than other years, so maybe this has helped??


Romantic Comedies. 

Both in book format and movies that I hadn’t seen in years. My husband has a poker night with friends every second Friday and for some reason I have considered those nights to be prime time to have a mindless movie on in the background and get a few things done on the computer or whatever. It’s kind of a nice routine. I am also thinking of starting This is Us (I’ve only ever seen the first episode) which is huge because I literally never watch TV anymore. I read 2 books by Penny Reid in January and 3 books by R.S. Grey – both of these self-published authors are pretty funny and the books are a fun way for me to pass the time. Not for everyone – and not for me all the time- but kinda fun nonetheless.

Honourable mentions: Audiobooks, and wonderful children’s chapter books. The audiobooks have gotten me through the January organize-the-house bug I caught and the chapter books are SO fun to curl up with and enjoy with the whole family every night before bed. We’ve had a few GREAT ones lately that are not about fairies (bonus, in my opinion).

What’s saving your life lately? Big or little – it’s fun to think about!!!

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