14 of my Dream Jobs

Happy Friday the 13th!!! And Happy Birthday to my mom today 🙂 We are celebrating with surf & turf & cheesecake tonight 🙂 It was a pretty good week with some relaxed evenings which was JUST what I needed. I even got to chat with my husband a little bit and finish a couple of books 🙂 This weekend will be pretty low-key except that the girls have another race on Sunday out of town so we will be doing some exploring & adventuring then. 🙂 Can’t wait!!

I’ve had this draft written for awhile for Fourteen Things Friday. I think we all have jobs we would love to have (in a perfect world, of course). When I make this list, I picture myself being not stressed out but wildly successful in each of these dream jobs. I noticed that a lot of them revolve around reading…but what can I say? It’s my favourite hobby. 😉 What are some of your dream jobs?

14 Fun Jobs that I Dream Of: 

1) Best-Selling Author of Highly Readable books. I’d also settle for just being a really famous author’s assistant – answering fan mail, monitoring facebook page, etc. That would be fun.

2) Editor – Honestly I love this aspect of my own job and I would love to edit and pitch novels

3) Librarian – this has been a dream job of mine for years

4) Goodreads employee – wouldn’t it be fun?!

5) Jane Austen tour guide or actress – basically, just like the actors in Austenland. SO FUN.

6) Book Reviewer – I guess this is a relatively realistic job but I’d want complete control over the books I’d choose to review

7) Audiobook narrator – I *love* reading aloud and I consider myself to be pretty good at it 🙂 I’ve narrated a few of my daughters’ books for them to listen to and that was fun. 🙂

8) Journalist – but only reporting on the fun stuff or having a weekly mom column like this one. I guess being a full-time blogger could also work here.

9) Food/restaurant reviewer – getting paid to eat out?! Sign me up!

10) Bookstore owner – I would love to recommend books to people and buy new books all the time and create welcoming spaces with fun events. This would be incredible.

11) Travel blogger – I’m sure this would be incredible in some ways and difficult in other ways. I love following along with Helene’s journey through Europe though.

12) Retired from anything – oh, to just live off a pension. SOMEDAY! 🙂

13) Trivia night question developer – guys, I LOVE trivia. This would be super fun.

14) Wizard – well, technically a witch I guess. I would LOVE to be able to apparate and I think about it way more often than a real adult should…and in case you weren’t sure what apparition is:

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