Why I Love to Read

Although I remember myself as being an avid reader as a child, particularly during the summer months, I think reading took a bit of a backseat in my life for many years in high school and university. After the birth of my second child, and subsequent return to full-time work, I found myself following book bloggers, seeking recommendations, pursuing popular highly-rated books and becoming a bit more active on Goodreads. All of a sudden, I was placing holds at the library all the time. I was being intentional about my reading. Eventually, I signed up for Netgalley and started posting reviews of books and joining blog link-ups. Now, 5 years later, books are one of the top 5 “most important” things in my life. I don’t typically ever go a day without reading. I never stop thinking about what I’m going to read next or how I feel about what I’m currently reading. It has become my favourite hobby ever.

I’ve taken some time to think about why I love reading so much:

  • When I’m reading, I am able to get my mind off whatever is going on in my own life and escape to other character’s lives. It is truly the greatest form of relaxation for me and since it takes up all of my attention, it is a true “escape”.
  • I love to learn more about different cultures, people, relationships, careers, families, and situations that I may never find myself in.
  • Reading allows me to truly focus something outside myself
  • Reading and talking about books has led me to some of my strongest friendships ever and it has also strengthened my relationships with friends and family both through insights I’ve gained while reading or by sharing love for books
  • I’ve always been fascinated by language and reading allows me to enjoy the beauty of the English language and truly appreciate and savour the way some authors are able to weave words together in amazing ways
  • Reading allows me to live many lives aside from my own and see things from perspectives I might not otherwise consider
  • Reading makes me feel less alone. It is a magnificent thing to see a potential situation I’ve been in reflected in someone’s book and to open my eyes to how I could approach similar situations in my own life.

Why do you love reading? Do you share any of these thoughts?

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