Winter 2015 Book Challenge

So, I’m going to do another reading challenge! I loved the Literary Ladies Challenge and I love planning books for various categories and really spreading my wings with reading different things.

Here’s my preliminary list for the Semi-Charmed Life 2015 Winter Book Challenge hosted by Megan at Semi-Charmed Kind of Life (anyone else always get Third Eye Blind in their head when they head over to her blog?? I think that’s part of the point!!) 🙂

5 points: Read a book that has between 100 and 200 pages. 

I’d recommend this list here and I’m going with A STUDY IN SCARLET (Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes # 1) 

10 points: Read a debut book by any author. (The book does not have to be a 2015 debut.)

NORTHANGER ABBEY or SENSE AND SENSIBILITY (Jane Austen)  (There is a bit of a debate over which was her actual debut book but I plan to read both of them during this time frame so here we go).

10 points: Read a book that does not take place in your current country of residence. 

BLACKMOORE (Julianne Donaldson) 

10 points: Read a book that someone else has already used for the challenge. — Submitted by SCSBC15 finisher Kristen @ See You in a Porridge

WONDER (R.J. Palacio) (used by What Low Reads en Francais!!!)

15 points: Read a book published under a pseudonym (e.g. Robert Galbraith, Sara Poole, J.D. Robb, Franklin W. Dixon, Mark Twain, etc.). — Submitted by SCSBC15 finisher Megan M.

THE SILKWORM  (Robert Gailbraith AKA J.K. Rowling)

15 points: Read a book with “boy,” “girl,” “man” or “woman” in the title (or the plural of these words).

LITTLE WOMEN (Louisa May Alcott)

15 points: Read a book with a one-word title (e.g. AttachmentsAmericanahUgliesWild, etc.)

WINTER (Marissa Meyer) can’t wait for this one!!!!!

20 points: Read a book with a person’s first and last name in the title (e.g. The Storied Life of A.J. FikryThe Story of Edgar Sawtelle).

ARTEMIS FOWL – (Eoin Colfer) OR BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY (Helen Fielding) depending on my mood…haha

20 points: Read a food-themed book. — Submitted by SCSBC15 finisher Jamie @ Whatever I Think Of! 

BELLA’S CHRISTMAS BAKE OFF (Sue Watson via Netgalley) 

20 points: Read a book with a verb in the title. (For any grammar nerds out there, I mean “verb” in the most general sense, so gerunds count. For non-grammar-inclined people, just use any book that appears to have a verb in the title!) 

ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE (Anthony Doerr) or WHAT ALICE FORGOT (Liane Moriarty) depending which one comes to me first in my library holds 🙂

30 points: Read two books with the same title (by different authors). — Submitted by SCSBC15 finisher bevchen @ Confuzzledom

THE ALCHEMIST (Paulo Coelho – REREAD) and THE ALCHEMYST (Michael Scott) and can I just say that I had an absolutely impossible time picking this category even though it’s fun??

30 points: Read a nonfiction book and a fiction book about the same subject (e.g. a biography and historical fiction novel about the same person; two books about a specific war or event; a nonfiction book about autism and a novel with a character who has autism, etc. The possibilities are endless!). 

I am pretty indecisive when it comes to non-fiction so I made two possibilities (well, 4 total) for this category and I will do one of these (LOL).
POSER: MY LIFE IN 23 YOGA POSES (Claire Dederer) and  CORPSE POSE (Diana Killian) 



Check out others’ lists here and follow along as I update my progress on this over at Goodreads! The challenge runs Nov 1 2015 – Jan 31 2015!!

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