Secret Sisters – Literary Ladies Book club link up

When I first read the synopsis for the Literary Ladies’ book club February pick, Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz, I was pretty intrigued. I had never heard of this author, but when I searched for her I learned she has written TONS of books. I put the book on hold, and hoped to get to it sometime. The next day, I went to the library to pick up a bunch of other books on hold that I had been excitedly waiting for and Secret Sisters was in the one-week rapid read section. I scooped it right up and started it right away. I had forgotten how much I like this genre every once in awhile. It reminded me a bit of some of James Patterson’s books (i.e. the Women’s Murder Club series). It was an easy read, and I finished it in a couple of days. I enjoyed some of the plot twists and the character development although I did find a few parts predictable and unbelievable at the same time.

Long story short? This book really captivated me from the get-go, and I really enjoyed it. I will for sure seek out more books by this new-to-me author. In my mind, books like this pass the time just fine and provide me with the distraction and relaxation I crave so much from reading.

Thank you for introducing her to me, Kristen, Kari and Kay!!

Their next book club pick is You Had Me at Hello, which was also recommended highly by a favourite book blogger of mine, Hannah at So Obsessed With. The title in itself totally gets me because I love that line in Jerry Maguire:

I am looking forward to adding it to my February reads because I have a few intense novels lined up for this month too and this will provide some balance!!!

I’m looking forward to sharing all of the books I’ve read lately in Show us your Books next week (Tues, Feb 9) 🙂 I didn’t manage to finish the Winter Book Challenge with Semi Charmed Life because there were two books I picked that I just couldn’t finish, but I still did OK with it!!

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