“What’s New With You?” link up with Kristen & Gretchen

What's New With You

When one of your favourite bloggers announces a fun link up idea, there is really no question about whether you’re going to join in or not! Kristen and Gretchen just started this link up to chat about anything you’d like. They are following the idea that when you run into someone you haven’t seen for awhile in person, you usually ask “so, what’s new with you?” but these kinds of posts don’t always happen frequently in the blog world. I wanted to link up today with some things I’m currently enjoying or thinking about šŸ™‚ Go over here to check out some other bloggers’ posts…I know I’ll be snooping through the link up!!


GRATEFUL for the fact that Brian was able to find the diamond from my engagement ring after it fell out of the ring setting last week. I had a panicky, anxious day looking everywhere in the house for it and when he came back from work, he unscrewed the trap from the kitchen sink and it was in there. PSA: If you have a warranty on jewelry like this, DO THE INSPECTIONS. Part of why I felt so bad was that if I had kept up with the bi-annual inspections, they would have replaced the diamond for free if we hadn’t found it. I will absolutely be doing this from now on (also, it might have never fallen out in the first place…)

READING Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah…it’s my first book by her and I’m reading it for Erin’s Book Challenge 4.0. My plan is to read The Nightingale by her too. 

LISTENING TO: The Arkells, all the time. Their concert here 2 weeks ago was AMAZING and I can’t get their songs out of my head. My top three are Michigan Left, Book Club, and 11:11 right now.

DRINKING: Water, water, water, water and water. Plus 2 coffees and a decaf tea per day (on average). It’s Roll up the Rim season here in Canada, so a Tim Horton’s coffee isn’t a bad thing occasionally too šŸ˜‰

EATING: As many vegetables as possible. And a lot of protein too. Still loosely following IIFYM and trying to pick healthy choices whenever I can.

LOVING: Working part-time. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, but I love the extra time at home to a) love on the girls, b) read millions of kid books every day and c) clean/meal prep/exercise/run errands during the daytime. I am also LOVING yoga once a week, but that is a whole separate post. It has been AMAZING for my mental and physical health.

ANTICIPATING a fun get-together with friends this weekend, spending more time with my baby niece this month, and a possible local weekend getaway with Brian in March

RECOMMENDING Modern Mrs. Darcy’s podcast…I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s just so good! We also just started Season 2 of Serial. 

WORKING TOWARDS completing Erin’s book challenge by the end of April. So many books that I requested ages ago at the library are available now, so I’m balancing reading those with challenge books, but I have a few categories completed and hoping for a few more by the end of Feb!!

CRAVING just a little bit more sleep, or an extra hour in the day šŸ™‚ Preferably an extra hour of daylight so that I can get a run in before bed šŸ™‚

IMPRESSED WITH MEC’s organization of their race series. My 5K run this past Sunday was a trail run on snowy, icy, trails, but it was fun, it was extremely well organized, and the ice obviously didn’t bother me, because I ran the same time (35 mins) as I did 2.5 years ago at my last 5k. I am SO excited about all these races I have going on this year and feeling very motivated to keep running.

So, what’s new with you lately???

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