Show Us Your Books! (What I’ve been Reading Lately)

I definitely didn’t read as much as I planned to this month, but I am finding that the 2 extra days at home & not commuting to work are really cutting down on my reading time! Plus, I am trying to consciously spend a bit more time with my hubby at night and exercise more…so all of that eats into reading time too 😉 Oh well – I still enjoyed the books I read and that is what matters to me!!!

Linking up with Steph and Jana to share my reads from this month. Looking forward to others’ posts today too 🙂

Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy (4/5 stars) this was such a sweet book! The characters were adorable and the premise was really interesting. It was one of my better reads this past month.

Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz (4/5 stars) – I liked this book a LOT more than I expected to, and I wrote about it last week when I linked up with the Literary Ladies Book Club.

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty (5/5 stars) – Liane Moriarty has not let me down yet, but like many others, this was my favourite by her so far. This book provoked a lot of interesting thoughts and I loved the way it all wrapped up. I can’t imagine being in Alice’s position, but Moriarty did make you feel like you could relate to it so well.

Every Word by Ellie Marney (4/5 stars) I really enjoyed the first book in this series and this one was good too. There’s a 3rd that I’m trying to get my hands on asap. The characters are really interesting, and this one had a very detailed plot and some more background information that was brought up in the first book. I’ve heard that the third isn’t as good as the first two, but I’m still captivated enough to keep reading the series. Although I love the Australia setting (<3 Liane Moriarty too, remember?), it was cool how a lot of this one took place in London.

The Mother Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick (3.5/5 stars) I read this in about 3-4 hours one night. It was good, and it was what I needed after Every Word. It was when I was feeling sick but couldn’t sleep, so it worked out 🙂 I might read the others in the series someday, but probably not right away…they were just a little but too juvenile for me at the moment (intended age is middle grade ;)).

After You by Jo Jo Moyes (4/5 stars) It’s been almost a year since I wept through read Me Before You, so I had forgotten some of the details and I am glad for it because I really enjoyed this book!! It didn’t feel like a sequel in some ways, despite talking about Will throughout the book. I liked some of the twists and turns that happened to Louisa and I really enjoyed a certain paramedic’s presence 🙂 IMHO this is absolutely worth the read if you like JoJo Moyes’ writing, but don’t expect it to necessarily help you answer a lot of questions from Me Before You.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (4/5 stars) This book was INTENSE but I liked it. It was pretty emotional but so well written and realy different in a lot of ways too. I’d definitely recommend it but I would also warn of possible triggers (search them out if you are curious).

I’m not the only person in my house who is obsessed with books, by the way…this little one can’t get enough of them and I keep catching her lying on her tummy reading 🙂

Currently reading: Persuasion by Jane Austen (audiobook), All the Light we Cannot See (still, kinda) and sorta reading Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah but I have to return it to the library tomorrow so I might not finish it…we’ll see!!

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