MAY recap – (What’s new with you? link up)

Linking up with the wonderful Kristen and Gretch for their monthly What’s New with You? link up. Truthfully…what’s new with me is NOT MUCH. haha. I can’t believe how fast May flew by. We did do a lot of fun things, and enjoyed a lot of sunny days, but it went by fast and a lot of it was pretty relaxing and close to home. Here are a few things that my little family and I did in May:

1) We took Molly to her first theater production at Neptune Theatre for Shrek: The Musical. She LOVED it but it was 2 1/2 hours long and she was pretty fidgety by the end of it. My cousin played as a musician in the performance, and the music was phenomenal as was the acting. What a fun production.

I promise she was actually happier than she appears to be here 🙂

2) We took the girls to see Raffi in concert. Raffi is like a 5th member of our family some days and we listen to his music around the house constantly. Brian and I both grew up listening to his music and the girls love to sing his easy kids songs. We saw him in concert 2 years ago (left baby Lucy with her grandparents), and this concert was VERY similar to that one but both girls seemed to really enjoy themselves and it was definitely fun to sing along with him for an hour.

3) We celebrated Mother’s Day with brunch and lobster. Molly also made me an adorable sweater with the help of Brian’s mom. SO cute. I need to take a picture of it, actually…

4) I read a lot of great books which I will talk about on Tuesday Jun 14 for Show Us Your Books. We watched a couple of movies and a bit more White Collar.

5) I did not complete the 30 day yoga challenge. I know this is a total excuse, but I find it very difficult to do yoga at home sometimes. We don’t really have a conducive “always clean” location for me to practice in. If I’m doing a Fitness Blender or strength workout at home, I don’t mind if there are kid toys in the room or papers on the desk. If I’m doing yoga, I find all of the clutter around me really needs to be gone or I will stop doing yoga and focus on cleaning. I know this is really weird and I’m definitely working on making our bedroom (aka command central for laundry etc) clutter-free so I can practice yoga in that space.

6) I went for a few runs, but I’d have to say I dropped off this wagon a bit too this month and I need to get back on it for my 10K on June 26.

7) I booked my trip to Calgary (my hometown) for October for my cousin’s wedding. This will be the longest I’ve ever been away from my kids (3 nights/4 days)  and the longest time that Brian has been alone with them…so good luck to him! haha, just kidding, it will be all good. I am really, really excited to see all of my dad’s family.

8) Molly had primary (kindergarten) orientation this month. She is starting in French Immersion in September. We are really excited, and it also make me feel a bit nostalgic. She is loving chapter books these days too and we have read 4 Magic Tree House books in the past week.

9) We barbecued a lot this month and spent a lot of time in the backyard. SO enjoyable. You know what I love about barbecuing? NO (or very few) dishes.

10) We faced a few parenting difficulties this month. Nothing major, but just an overtired 4 year old who is trying to spread her wings and feels supremely jealous of her little sister. I am trying very hard to spend as much one-on-one time with her as I can when Lucy is napping or otherwise occupied, and it seems to have improved over the past week or two. The weekend that Brian was away was particularly challenging, and I yelled at her more times than I’d like to admit, but we have forgiven and moved on.

All in all, a pretty good but not SUPER SUPER SUPER exciting month. It was relaxing though, and I think we need that in our lives sometimes. I can already tell that weekend and weeknight activities will be picking up as the summer progresses, and that will be fun too. Our girls are at great ages to really enjoy the summer, so that’s what we plan to do!

Some other snippets from this month 

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