Life lately (Link up!)

(Linking up belatedly with Kristen & Gretch to recap the last month!)

June was a busy month for our family, and I think it will be from now until our kids finish school. The beautiful weather gets us outside and socializing more. Summer sports and activities begin, and school finishes with all of the excitement that comes with that. This year, our babysitter was on vacation for the last two weeks of June and so we had some grandparents help with childcare & took time off ourselves too. It was wonderful because the weather was pleasant and the kids were happy. It also eased my transition back into full-time work from my previous 6 months of part-time, although I am finding that I do miss the extra time with the kids already.

Here are some highlights from the last month-ish:

  • Celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by going out for supper & going to a board game cafe (what an AMAZING date night). We tried 4 new games and had a wonderful time. The kids had a great sleepover with my parents 🙂
  • Ran a 10K race in EXTREME heat/humidity after slacking on a few weeks of training. Not my best time, but was happy to finish it nonetheless and proud of pushing myself. Next race probably in August 🙂
  • Finished my third 12 week yoga session with my amazing teacher. She takes the summer off teaching near me, but I will probably take a few of her classes downtown because I know I’ll miss it. Back at it in September because it has changed my life!!
  • Read a few good books but not as many as I’d hoped…and also started a big Harry Potter re-read 🙂 Come back tomorrow to see my reviews for Show us your Books!
  • Went to our first of several 2016 weddings, Brian’s cousin Laura and her new husband. This was the first wedding I’d been to which included a POEM that the groom wrote for his bride AKA I could not hold back the tears. It was a gorgeous event.
  • Celebrated Canada Day with friends and had a wonderful time! Went to the playground and had a picnic, swam in an outdoor pool, drank some adult beverages 🙂 
  • Got a new cell phone (LG G4) after dropping mine and shattering the screen – loving the new one so far & our contract was up so it was free (aka the best time possible to break my other one :P)
  • Spent some time with friends and family including an awesome outdoor birthday party with a beach volleyball court AKA a “huge sandbox” for my kids
  • Took in some awesome music with a wonderful friend at a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity called Raise a little Hellp. Really, really enjoyed this night out. 
  • Watched our older daughter “graduate” from preschool and tried not to cry 🙂 She is going to love school in the fall – she will be in French Immersion and we are all quite excited to see her grow!
  • Took a week off with Brian and the kids leading up to Canada Day and went to Upper Clements Park amusement park (2 1/2 hour drive away)…the kids LOVED it. 

And a couple more pics from the last month ish:

Sorry to be late to the link up; it’s been a busy few days!!! I have a few fun posts in the works for later this week and next week after taking a bit of a blogging break (I’ve probably averaged 2-3 posts a month lately…oops!!!) 
What’s new with you lately?!? 

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