Book Analytics from 2016

I meant to post this over the holidays, but I just didn’t get around to it, so here it is now, in 2017!! Not too late for more recap posts, in my opinion.

Aside from keeping track of my reading life on Goodreads and linking up with Show Us Your Books every month, I wanted to seek out some actual data on the books I’m reading. I come from a statistics background (my Masters is in psychology) and I love analyzing things like this. It’s a bit of a nerdy pursuit, but it’s fun too. Here’s what I discovered about my reading life last year (none of this surprised me, of course).

In 2016:

I read 117 books and a total of 36785 pages.

By Genre:

Nonfiction: 10
Young Adult: 11
Mystery: 20
Sci-Fi: 2
Fantasy: 4
Classics: 7
The rest were some type of fiction (including historical fiction, romance, historical romance, etc).

As for my ratings (on Goodreads, at least), my average overall rating this year was 3.86.
2 star books: 2
3 star books: 35
4 star books: 52
5 star books: 21

Format of books:

44 print books
56 e-books,
16 audiobooks

Source of the books:

76 of the books I read were from the library
19 were purchased (this counts second hand and audible)
17 were from Netgalley,
2 were borrowed
3 were from

I read 17 books by male authors and the rest were female.
Most of the authors I read in 2016 are from the US although Louise Penny’s series really bumped up the Canadian author count ๐Ÿ™‚
Many of the books I read were published in the past few years, or at least since the year 2000.

I can’t wait to diversify this a little bit in 2017, but I’m happy with how things went in 2016! There were only a few books that I marked as DNF, so that counts as a good year in my books! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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