5 on Fri-YAY

I have a few posts I’ve been working on this week and I’m hoping to share next week, but I feel like today is a great day to share some random thoughts in list form. We’ll make it 5 thoughts because it’s Friday. Happy weekend, everyone!

1) Has anyone watched Me Before You? I have the dvd from the library and I am looking forward to it but I KNOW it will be sad (having read the book), and I’m wondering if I should make my husband sit through it with me or watch it alone tonight. The book made me sob, for what it’s worth. 
2) We have been battling the stomach flu that ends in a massive congested cold in our house, but I’m HOPING we are all starting to get our health back this weekend. The last two nights I’ve resorted to the cold sock treatment – don’t knock it til you try it! It sounds super weird but for some reason it really works. I love finding natural remedies.
3) My reading is totally scattered all over the place right now I have 3 books on the go, two of which are for Erin’s challenge, but I’m antsy even to get into something else. I’m not sure if being tired is just not allowing me to turn to books the way I normally would, or if I just need to read something more enticing, but I’m hoping to resolve it this weekend and finish up Valley of the Moon. Reading shouldn’t be stressful and I was feeling pressured to finish some great library books before they are due on Monday and then I realized – so what if I have to return them unread? No big deal. They will always be there another time. 
4) I like to save links on Facebook, Feedly, and in my e-mail drafts. I will sometimes use Pinterest or Pocket for these, but any blog post or article I see shared ends up in an infinite abyss that I can never find again. Any tips for keeping all of these in one place? I’m thinking of labeling my e-mail drafts better. I like saving these things in my gmail because I find them so easy to search for again. Thoughts?
Anyway, I found a few fun articles that I enjoyed 4 years ago in an old e-mail drafts folder. 
Feeling stuck: a fun exercise that might change your life
The Happiest Facts of All Time 
45 Quotes from Literature that will actually change your life
How to get smarter
5) I can’t wait to spend the weekend reading, colouring, and doing crafts with my two favourite little buddies:
Happy Friday!!!

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