January Recap

View from our back deck of which I never tire.

January is always a little bit of a blah month, and I definitely felt that way going back to work after 2 lovely weeks at home with my family. BUT, I started trying to get outside more, I started religiously taking vitamins and doing yoga or stretching, and I have to say I mostly kicked the winter blahs away. It helps that we have (so far!) had a relatively mild winter compared to other years!!

I had big ambitions for reading and decluttering this month, and I definitely made some progress, but some nights I just didn’t have the attention span to read, or I was too tired, and that’s okay. We made our way through Season 3 of Brooklyn-99 and that was enjoyable, and also played some board games, so I considered this a month to really cozy up and spend time with the girls and Brian.

Anyway, here are some fun highlights from January:

The girls singing “happy birthday” to my brother-in-law in French šŸ™‚

We ate a lot of delicious low-carb suppers:

zoodles with bolognese sauce // my favourite brussel sprout caesar salad (recipe coming!) // brussel sprouts and bacon // fathead nachos (delicious)
We had a date night in January and the girls slept over at my parent’s house! We went out for sushi (we had a gift certificate) and then to the board game cafe to try out a few new games. We were both super tired so we came home pretty early, but it was still really fun. Unfortunately, Lucy got sick to her stomach overnight at my parents’ house which started a downward spiral of sickness in the whole family over the next week, but that’s life. 

Sick munchkin in the car//checking out the trains at the doctor’s // Molly a day before getting sick
Brian built the girls a desk for our living room!! // Preppy 2 year old dresses herself // faces for supper!
We had a lot of relaxing days/nights at home relaxing and recovering and we also had a busy weekend when my sister in law and her fiance visited from Ontario for the weekend! We had them for supper, then went out for supper the next night and had a shower for my sis in law on the Sunday. It was lots of fun to see them for the first time in MONTHS and we are so stoked for their wedding (here!) in May. We also had a bit of an upset when Lucy fell down 4-5 stairs at my in-law’s house and bumped/bruised her entire body. It was super scary and really upsetting, but she seems fine and had no residual effects besides a couple of bumps. 
Brian drove for date night! (usually I am DD) // Sad tiny toddler // SUSHI yum
Lucy built this herself // Girls playing // bullet journaling // my magnetic block creation (a big pile of nothingness) 
We bought the girls these super-fun magnetic blocks for Christmas and I have to say that I am impressed at how much they have played with them (nearly daily). I also watched a brief webinar from Modern Mrs. Darcy about bullet journaling for book lovers, and I’m trying to keep a bit better track of some of my favourite quotes from books this year. Brian and I have laughed over the magnetic blocks because he is a structural engineer and loves to built amazing and elaborate things, and I like to be a bit more artistic in a modern art kind of way hahaha. 
I also took in some live music, saw a few friends, ran a 5K race in pretty decent time, enjoyed the effects of getting back into yoga, and started on the 52 list project which has been great for self-reflection.
All in all, we had a great month. I read some fantastic books which I can’t wait to talk about on SUYB day (February 14!!). I also returned several books unread to the library, but I’ll get to those ones someday!! There are some fun ones coming up! šŸ™‚ February is shaping up to be a great month. My brother (who lives in Calgary), sister, and dad all have birthdays, so we usually end up doing quite a bit of celebrating. We’re also going to a concert and having another date night this weekend while the girls stay with the other grandparents!! PLUS, Shubenacadie Sam, our provincial groundhog, said that we will have an early spring this morning, so I am excited about that! haha
What’s new with you lately?!
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