Five-ish on Friday

This week was a busy one, and the weekend is looking that way too. We started the week off with a sick 5 year old (viral) and ended it with a sick husband today (#mancold) and I had a few early mornings with a 2 year old in between. πŸ™‚ Bring on the weekend and that hour of sleep I’ll be missing out on! haha.

I thought I’d compile 5 random thoughts for Friday. 
1) I’m 5 days into the #21DaysofPilates recommended by Kristin, and I *LOVE* it. I have done a pilates workout here and there in my lifetime, but I am so intrigued by it and determined to continue. I love it almost as much as yoga. I can see the strength component a little bit more strongly than I’ve experienced it in yoga (so far!), and I enjoy feeling it intensely the next day. I can’t recommend it enough. Very short workouts but I would like to work up to more in the future. 
2) Some great links: dropping the ball, 12 things to celebrate in March, a book on living well, Trudeau’s actions on International Women’s Day, March book blogger events, I *LOVE* this X-plan for teenager & their parents, Harry Potter themed time-wasters ❀
3) This.
4) These two.
2017 (this morning)
2016 (Lucy has grown so much!)
5) I’m torn on what to do tonight: read my book on the couch, watch La La Land, or clean the house while listening to some podcasts. SO torn. I think it’ll probably be the first one if we’re being honest πŸ˜‰ 
Have a great weekend!! Show us Your Books is on Tuesday, March 14 with Steph and Jana – can’t wait! Even though I don’t have great things to say about my reading life lately πŸ˜‰ 

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