A few random thoughts

Here are some random confessions and thoughts on this lovely rainy Thursday.

  • On Sunday, something compelled me to cut my girls’ hair MYSELF. I still can’t explain it. Both of them ended up with short bobs that are a little bit choppy and I felt huge mommy guilt over it for about a day, but they seem happy, they look pretty cute, and this hair will be great for summer. I made Brian promise never to let me do this again though because what was I thinking?!?  


  • I love getting daily book deals. Modern Mrs. Darcy’s kindle deals are my favourite, but I also enjoy BookBub and Early Bird Books. I don’t know if I will necessarily ever finish all of the books I get for free or (very) cheap, but it’s fun to get them!! 
  • I haven’t checked Snapchat in months. I think Instagram stories basically just took that over, in my opinion. Does anyone still really use both? That being said, I don’t really love posting my own Instagram stories although I feel like I should start because I love watching others’ stories. One thing I find kind of weird is that you have to reply with a message if you want to comment on the story. So I don’t mind doing this (quite frequently!) to Kristen or Brie, who I “know” or at least have interacted with online quite a bit, but I’m not going to send Sarah Michelle Gellar a message if I liked her instagram story because weird?! haha. 
  • We have 2 cars. One is a 2010 Rav4 that has only had VERY minor repairs here and there. The other is a 2004 Honda civic that was sooo nicely given to us by my in-laws when we were desperately in need of a car 5 years ago. We have sunk tons of money into the civic but it seems to just be more worth it to spend approx $1500 on a car every year or two than buy a new one right now. Anyway, we just had something fixed on it last week (the starter – $400) and then on Friday right after we got the car back, Brian hit a raccoon on the highway and the whole car was damaged to the tune of a broken radiator ($500). BRUTAL. We barely drive the car but we will need it more in the coming months so we want to hold onto it. 
  • Right now, I have 2 books out from the library in audio format AND print. I feel super selfish about this, but in reality, they just came in around the same time and this will get me through the books quicker, right?! haha.
  • I’m running a 5K on Sunday around Citadel Hill, which is a historical landmark (and BIG hill with trenches/moat/etc) and I have barely been running lately. I’m sure I will survive though…and then get back into running.
  • I finally finished The Count of Monte Cristo!! This feels SO good. Now I can move on to more fun audiobooks. Guys, it took me four months to listen to this book. My thoughts: it was good, but it was Loooooong. 

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