April Recap

I didn’t take as many pictures as I would’ve liked in April, but I’ve scattered a few throughout this post anyway! We had a great month in April with some wonderfully sunny and beautiful days and a few really rainy/cold days too. Not too much snow though, so can’t *really* complain!! 😉

Linking up today with Kristen and Gretch to chat about what’s new 🙂

In April:

We celebrated Lucy’s 3rd birthday which I already talked about last month. It was a great April Fool’s Day party 🙂

We had our second parent-teacher interview with Molly’s teacher where it was confirmed that she is still excelling and that she hopes she isn’t bored in grade 1 next year. (We hope so, too!) She also told us she would send home some more challenging French books for her to read with us since she has flown through the others.

We watched Daddy play in a work hockey tournament and heard my old wind ensemble play at the library. Also came across this adorable Poet Tree for Poetry Month at the library 🙂

We had brunch with some friends to meet one of our friend’s new boyfriend – was such a great time and so lovely to see them all. Molly and Lucy spent a lot of evenings playing cards.

We celebrated Easter with my parents & with my in-laws and had such a wonderful time. The girls loved hunting for eggs at our house, my in-law’s house and at my parent’s house too. It was a busy day but I had the Friday and Monday off so lots of time with my special girls. See this lovely photo below of our girls with my adorable niece in the middle (didn’t want to share her photo all over the internet).

Had a follow up speech appointment with Lucy where it was confirmed that she is speaking at about a 4 year old age level (she is 3) and we have no worries moving forward after getting her tubes in last year.

I spent most of Easter weekend with an eye infection but it resolved itself. More of an annoyance than anything else but did involve seeing two doctors & a lot of eye drops and some discomfort (and a little break from reading).

Lucy and Molly had their first race with the Youth Running Series in a park in Halifax – it was SOOOO cold and quite a long walk to get to the start, but they did it! Brian ran Lucy’s 500m race with her and I ran with Molly. Molly mostly kept up my usual pace so that says something about my running…haha.

We followed up their race with a trip to the Discovery Centre in Halifax where they got to make these cool spinny paintings:

I spent a few days in a congested brain fog last week but happy to report that I mostly kicked it without getting very sick. Lots of rest and neti-potting.

The girls had another race in the series this past Saturday but this time Brian was at baseball so I ran with both of them. It was SO hot compared to the week before and I was grateful to have all four grandparents there as spectators!

Finished the month off with a 5K that was super challenging due to extremely windy conditions! I need to get back into training more; my next race is a 10K at the end of June and I don’t feel anywhere near ready for that at this point!!!

I also mentioned that I gave both girls a haircut this month. They are getting used to it 😉

I know they look super sad here but they are actually just watching TV.

In terms of any social events, Brian and I both mostly stayed in this month. We had one date night which was lovely. I think I just kind of felt like being a hermit and reading and cleaning the house. Lame, but it happened. That being said, I read a ton of fantastic books this past month (which I will chat about next Tuesday) and Brian and I watched Suits on Netflix. I started Big Little Lies but haven’t finished it yet – not liking it as much as the book so far but will stick with it.

What’s new with you lately?!?

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