Fri-YAY Five

This week felt a little bit blah at times. We had two super rainy days that were really busy, three lovely sunny days but I was working, and we are heading into 6 straight rainy days apparently.
I also had a headache 3/5 days that would NOT go away but feeling better today. That being said, it still feels very much like spring and I am looking forward to the weekend including some rest and some time with friends!! Last week, I introduced my 5-year old to the word Fri-YAY and she loves it. Haha. She (being the studious French student that she is) also likes to say “Vendre-YAY” which cracks me up. We are having nachos and guacamole for supper tonight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and I can’t wait!! Yum.

Here are 5 random things from this week:

1) I have seen 3 people this week reading books that I just finished in the past month. I wanted to jump on them and talk about what they are thinking of the books, but that seemed creepy. Why is it so easy to talk about books online but not with random strangers? Haha. I have so much I want to say about what I’m reading (see next week’s posts!)

2) Friends of ours had their second baby (girl) this morning and I got to go over and visit for a little bit this afternoon. SO beautiful to see a brand new baby and made me want to go home and snuggle my non-babies tonight!

3) Really looking forward to seeing THIS on the big screen in a few weeks sometime

4) I got some (off brand) curlformers this week in the mail and they are SO fun! The only problem is that they are impossible to sleep in, so I have to plan ahead a bit. I’ll try to share a picture of how the curls turned out this weekend but I love them!

5) Loved this post about adult friendships. I was also quite interested in this info about eating vegetables. 26 of the most inspiring lines in literature was beautiful.

Have an awesome weekend!!!

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