5 on Friday

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but I am looking forward to some down time this weekend. I think my kids just need some time to explore their toys again, although we will probably venture out a bit if it ever stops raining 🙂 Rain makes great reading weather though, so we will probably curl up with some books and we might even watch Trolls for the 50th time or something…who knows??

Here are 5 very random thoughts on my mind this week!

My sister-in-law’s wedding last weekend was WONDERFUL and we had such a great time. I hope to be able to share more of it soon. The girls did really well, especially staying up so late and being well behaved during the ceremony/speeches. It really helped that they were bribed with a trip to the playground (at the wedding venue!) between ceremony and dinner and it was also nice that some of their cousins were around to play with 🙂 I will say that it took us a few days to recover from being tired, but it’s all good!!!
Over the long weekend, we got to see SO many different groups of friends (and family at the wedding, of course), and my heart felt so full. Many of these people were friends we don’t see nearly often enough and it reminded me to really make the effort, especially now that our girls are older and more flexible during the day (i.e., no naps). It was also great that one of the people we saw was our friends’ new baby girl (SO ADORABLE and special!!!). 
We are SO stoked for summer in our house. We bought a new tent this week and this will be our first summer camping with the girls. Can’t wait. Side note – is camping one of those things that sounds super fun but then is actually a lot of work? Yes, yes, it is, but we still can’t wait. We have a few weekends planned already, and Brian asked me this morning if we can go sooner rather than later so we might end up in a campground (or the backyard) in the next week or two! haha.
A few links:
My next 10K is in a month! I’ve really started to get back to running and yoga more consistently, but I need to put a bigger push on. I had a terrible race at this event last year due to lack of training, extreme heat, and a wedding the night before the race…I am determined to do better at it this year!!!
What are you up to this weekend?! 

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