Some recommendations

I’ve enjoyed reading posts from Lauren & Bre’s Add it to my List link up and gotten some great ideas from the posts too, so today I’m sharing a few of my own recommendations. There is really no rhyme or reason to these, but give some of them a try if you’re feeling inclined 🙂

Eat, Drink, and Be Lauren

To read:

I’ve already spewed about my love for Beartown exhaustively (but seriously, read it, I’m not alone in my love for it!!) but a book I just started and I’m loving so far: He Said/She Said. WOW what a thriller so far.

To read with children:

Snappsy the Alligator – this book is hilarious. I love books that talk about the narrator. To be fair, I think I enjoyed this more than my kids, but they might have been just a bit too young to “get” it, and they still liked it, but my husband and I laughed out loud.

To Watch:

Life in Pieces on Netflix. A bit like Modern Family. I like it. Also on my list of shows to try is Master of None – anyone like it?!

To Eat:

Enchilada Chicken Roll Ups via SkinnyTaste – I love this website and this recipe was SO good.

Also: kale caesar salad. Recipe coming soon. We eat this almost daily in the summer and it is SO, SO, SO good.

To Drink:

Bulletproof Coffee – I am enjoying this lately minus the butter because I can’t find the organic kind I want. I just use coconut oil and it makes it very creamy and delicious-tasting.

To Wear:

I have pretty much exclusively switched to wearing dresses with dressy leggings or tights to work. I just got this one last week and I’m loving it with tights 🙂

To Entertain Your Children:

My go-to for this is a cardboard box. Seriously, if I bring home two cardboard boxes full of food from Costco, my kids will happily colour/create/play with those boxes for a week. A close second is to blow up some air mattresses in the basement (we were testing them out for camping) and let them play on those for hours. Done.

To Do: 

If you live in Nova Scotia, today is election day. We voted ahead of time on Saturday, but seriously, this is important and it only takes a few minutes. We need to see some change somehow in this province.

To Put Things in Perspective:

This post about being enough.

What’s on your list these days?! 

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