May Recap – what’s new!!!

May fleeeewww right by and now it’s time to recap the month & link up with the wonderful Kristen & Gretch for their What’s New with You post!! 

I knew May was going to be a busy month; we had Mother’s Day, a lot of plans with friends, and my sister-in-law’s wedding. It was also a bit of a busier month at work because my (awesome) co-worker reduced her hours, and then finished up and moved on to a new job yesterday (sob!!).

This month, I tried something new in my bullet journal. I wrote a “line a day” every day. Sometimes, it was hard to think of what to write if my day was pretty standard, but I tried to write what book I was reading, whether I exercised, and if anything interesting happened. I’m going to share some of those lines here & also share some photos of our month.

In May, I:

  • tried curlformers. I still haven’t had great success with them, but I think I need to try them with a bit more product. There is also NO WAY I can ever sleep in those!!
  • Fell in love with Beartown (I promise I will stop talking about it soon #sorrynotsorry ;)) Also read Lucy the book Little Red Riding Hood about 50,000 times. 
  • Sent in our taxes & got our refund!
  • Met our friends’ brand new baby daughter on the day she was born (so tiny! so beautiful!) 
  • Celebrated mother’s day with my lovely children. They showered me with wonderful gifts (thank you, daddy ;)) and I got to sleep in, which was so nice after being up late the night before!! 
  • Spent time with some of our good friends who live about an hour away
  • Saw Everything Everything in an advanced screening – cute movie but I would have enjoyed it infinitely more as a teenager. For some reason, I don’t mind reading YA occasionally, but seeing YA on the big screen feels kind of…embarrassing?! haha. 
  • Saw Jenn Grant in concert with my friend – it was SUCH a good show
  • Applied for a permanent part-time position doing my current job (the silver lining to my co-worker leaving)
  • Celebrated my sister-in-law’s bachelorette at which I ate a delicious salad that had deep fried deviled eggs in it (so weird but so good) and came on a slate slab (yes, the dressing went everywhere, it was super weird but the food was delicious)

  • Celebrated my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s wedding at Hatfield Farms (more to come on this someday, I hope!) It was a wonderful, beautiful weekend with family and friends and our girls rocked their flower girl roles!!

(as you can see, Brian took advantage of the BYOB situation at the wedding)
  • Bought a new tent at Costco
  • Said goodbye to my sister-in-law and her new hubby as they flew back to Ontario. 
  • Read a lot of amazing books & got in some running and yoga as well as some walks outside!!! 
June is another busy month: Brian’s birthday, our anniversary (5 years = weekend getaway this year!! :D), two other birthdays, father’s day, and my sister, brother in law and niece move closer!!!! We are also going to try to get out camping at least one weekend if it warms up a bit!! The girls start soccer next week so that will keep us busy during the week…they are SO excited. 
So, what’s new with you!?!

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