What’s New: Summer time :)

It’s time to recap the month of June here on the blog. Linking up today with the lovely Kristen & Gretch for What’s New With You?

{bonfire on the beach}

Things have been a bit quiet here for a bit – life has been busy and we’ve been soaking up the summer!!! I have about 10 posts half drafted that I want to share soon though 🙂

In June, Brian and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend away to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. It was relaxing, quiet, and fun too. I think it was the longest we have both left the kids but they were obviously fine and spent one night with my parents and one night with Brian’s mom at our house. It was perfect. 🙂 We are thinking of doing it once a year because it was really a great chance to reconnect and recharge.

We also celebrated Brian’s birthday and Father’s Day, spent a bunch of time with my family, and work was insane for me. I didn’t get through nearly as many books as I would’ve liked and I am still feeling super overtired, but it is getting better now that things have slowed down.

The girls started soccer (Lucy’s first year playing!!). Molly plays U6 Monday and Wednesday nights and this is her first year in which parent participation isn’t called for – although we do have to be present (obviously). Lucy is in U3 and parent involvement is pretty intense, especially if you are a helicopter parent like Brian thinks I am. Oops. Haha.

Brian had to take a work trip the last week of June, which was exhausting, and he’s away again this week but coming home tonight (thank goodness). Solo parenting is not easy (not that I ever thought it was, haha).

Other than that, we’ve just been spending time outside, organizing the house, and barbecuing!! Loving the summer. July is going to be a great month – my brother is visiting from Calgary with his girlfriend, we’re having a huge party for my mom’s birthday, and we have some fun weekends planned!! Can’t wait.

What’s new with you lately?!

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