14 Things to be Happy About

When I was on a high school trip, I came across this book in a gift shop called 14000 Things to be Happy About and decided that I had to have it. It’s pretty random and the “things to be happy about” don’t all necessarily apply to every person but it is uplifting and it made me smile more than once over the years. Here are a few things to be happy about as listed in the book:

-melt in your mouth food
-full freezers
-watching children ice-skate
-hot appetizers
-gentlemen rising when a lady enters or leaves a room
– strawberry-rhubarb jam
-turkey trots
-a romantic holiday with one special person
-learning to like yourself better


Today I wanted to share my own things to be happy about. It’s been a pretty happy week here – a fun birthday party for 4 year old twins, the first BBQ of the year, 4 gorgeously sunny blue-sky spring days in a row, plenty of time in that sunshine, kids in a happy mood, warm-fuzzy books like this one. Of course, it’s rainy now, but that too is allowing me to step back and catch up on things indoors.

I feel like most of these things are pretty self explanatory 😉

1) Hot coffee
2) Swings
3) Sparkling water
4) Hugs
5) Comfy jeans
6) A good hair day
7) Yoga
8) Bluetooth headphones
9) Slow cookers
10) Cheese and crackers
11) Running shoes
12) Rain boots and puddles
13) The ocean
14) The library

Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?! Our girls have a superhero running race tomorrow so I will share their Wonder Woman costumes I made this week 🙂 Other than that we are taking it pretty easy and enjoying each other’s company this weekend. Happy Friday!!!

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