14 Things I’d Like to Do Someday

I have the WORST cold ever the past few days, so this list is a bit more of a smorgasbord than I expected it to be, but all of these things are VERY true and on my list of dreams somewhere!!! Some of them are definitely very achievable and others – maybe someday!!! Here are 14 Things I’d Like to do Someday for Fourteen Things Friday.

I am also having a lot of issues with comments on the blog lately but hoping to work through that this weekend. Is anyone else struggling with this?!

1) Visit New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Scotland, and Ireland. <– these are the biggest places on my list of places I’m dying to visit

2) Go on a belated honeymoon for our 10 year anniversary – we never really went on a “real honeymoon” because we already had Molly so we are setting our sights on hopefully doing something in 2022!

3) Visit Harry Potter world in Florida / / See The Cursed Child in London or NYC !!!!

4) Have a job (maybe even part time) that relates more to my love of reading – maybe even just volunteering a lot at a library 😉

5) Complete a sprint triathlon – I think this is totally more doable for me than a half or full marathon…I just don’t like running that much!

6) Join a Master’s swim club – I can see this happening sometime in the next 10 years or so – the closest one to us isn’t super close but I’d like to get back into competitive swimming.

7) Take a yoga course (not YTT but something more condensed) – someday!

8) Do a long-term French immersion program – I mean a month or so in a French community. This will surely not happen until my children are grown.

9) Play the fiddle more in public – I used to do this all the time at sessions and it has fallen by the wayside. I’d also like to play in a wind ensemble/orchestra or join a choir again someday – not sure when!

10) Write a book (possibly a children’s book – TBD) I have afew plans for this but none of them are anywhere near fruition.

11) Learn how to skate, snowshoe, or ski better. We live in Canada, come on!!! I need to embrace winter sports a bit more.

12) Spend a week at Celtic Colours – this is a huge music festival in Cape Breton in October and some year I just need to book the week off and spend it down there with kindred spirits

13) Meet a favourite author – anyone will do! I’ve already met Louise Penny but I would love to meet J.K. Rowling or someone else!

14) Grow old with this guy: (Happy 6th anniversary, Brian!! [tomorrow])

We are celebrating by going out for supper if I’m feeling better!! XOXOX

Have a great weekend everyone!! See you back here for SUYB on Tuesday June 12!

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