14 Summer Goals/2018 Summer Bucket List

Happy SUMMER!! We had a glorious first day of summer yesterday, and today is just as gorgeous. Life is SO busy these days – summer brings soccer, socializing, and time outside. I *love* it in some ways, but there are definitely less moments just sitting around and relaxing, lol.

This is my first summer working part-time, and I can’t wait! Our girls will be home with me 2 days a week plus weekends (with Brian too of course). I’m a bit nervous because they sometimes start bickering when they have so much extra time together, but I’m also going to keep us busy and I can’t wait to adventure around the city and province this summer and really enjoy my time with them to the fullest. So my 14 Things Friday for today includes a list of a few goals/plans for the summer for me personally. I’ll share our family’s “bucket list” next week hopefully!!!

1) Stick to an exercise routine: running, biking, and yoga.

2) Read 5 “older” books. Almost everything I’ve read this year was published in 2018 or 2017. I can’t NOT be reading what everyone is talking about, guys!

3) Blog twice a week.

4) Slow down and appreciate the extra time I will be spending with my children this summer

5) DECLUTTER, especially in our basement

6) Continue learning French (duolingo)

7) Create a streamlined list/packing plan for camping

8) Enjoy more live music – I never, ever regret this when I make time for it.

9) Spend extra time with my adorable niece – because we love her so much!!!

10) Write 5 letters or send out 5 small packages to friends – just for fun!

11) Get to bed earlier

12) Work on Brian’s 3D printing business – he wants to start selling more of his fun items πŸ™‚

13) Try 5 new recipes

14) Say yes more often – to friends, to the kids, to whomever – if there’s no real reason to say no, I want to be able to say yes we can go to the playground, yes we can meet for a BBQ…etc.

Any fun plans for the summer? Or the weekend? We have a busy weekend coming up, but it will be fun too! Next weekend is Canada Day, already!!! yay!!

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