14 Things on our family’s summer bucket list

Today is FRI-YAY!!! I need to catch up on reading and posting blog comments this weekend. I also need to catch up on vacuuming and laundry etc. Haha. I intended to post this last week, but I grossly underestimated how busy I’d be “momming” on the last day of school and didn’t quite get this post finished! oops! Here it is today…a few goals and plans we have as a family this summer!!

1) Go to 3 new-to-us beaches – we are surrounded by beaches in our beautiful province. We normally go to one or two that are closest to us – and while there’s nothing wrong with this (it’s still the beach and STILL awesome), I want to take the time to try out a few new ones too.

2) Go on some family bike rides – this might not happen until Molly gets a bit better on her two wheels, but hopefully by September!

3) See The Incredibles 2 or another family movie – Lucy’s never been to a movie theatre so this seems like a perfect rainy day activity for us.

4) Read 5 chapter books aloud – We have plans to read The Trumpet of the Swan since we loved Charlotte’s Web so much, and I’m also working my way through the Magic Treehouse books with Lucy now (Molly loved these a couple of years ago and still enjoys reading them herself). I want to try The Penderwicks too.

5) Try out 2 new board games – we are finally getting to the point where we can play games as a family and I think we need to do it more often so that our girls can learn how to lose gracefully (this will not be easy since both of their parents still struggle with this skill…lol).

6) Instill some more independence in my children – aka I don’t need to always get them their own glass of water and they are for sure old enough to put dishes in the dishwasher…etc.

7) Take a photo a day – of something!!!

8) Learn to play the piano – Molly is starting lessons in the fall but I want to work on piano with her before that too.

9) Visit this fun train in Windsor: It’s described as a 1/8-scale railroad, almost 1 km long. Super fun, I think!

10) Learn more about Anne of Green Gables in PEI – I’m so excited to go back to PEI with the girls and we have a lot of fun plans while we’re there, including visiting Green Gables house and seeing the Anne and Gilbert musical in Charlottetown PEI this summer (I am SO excited for this).

11) Enjoy some special playdates with good friends. We have several families that we love playing with, and I really want to have some adventures with them this summer

12) Enjoy some time at the splash pads nearby – there are a few we haven’t been to yet and I can’t wait to hit these up with the kids, maybe even with their friends too!

13) Spend a great day at Upper Clements Park πŸ™‚ We haven’t been there since 2016!

14) Get better at swimming!! Swimming is something I am really good at because I did it competitively for 6 years as a teenager. One of my children, on the other hand, is still extremely scared of the water. We live by the ocean, so it’s important to me that my kids know how to swim well. They don’t have to love it all the time or pursue it, but they need to know how to swim. πŸ™‚

Our girls are at an incredible stage of life right now and I already have a feeling that this summer is going to be equal parts exhausting and wonderful!!! πŸ™‚

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