14 Things I’m Thankful For

Finally back for a 14 Things Friday post!! Blogging has been a bit low on my priority list lately…unfortunately. I’m still trying to keep up with reading other blogs but haven’t had much time in my own space here.

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend here so I wanted to share 14 things I’m thankful for – some of these are pretty random or inconsequential but this is what I came up with! We have been trying to share 3 good things or 3 things we are grateful for each day at the supper table and I have to say that it really does shift your perspective! There are some days when I have a hard time coming up with things but it helps me to focus on the positive, and the same for the kids.

1) My health. My family’s health. We are so blessed to have healthy children and healthy parents.
2) Fall colours. Seriously, this is the most beautiful time of year to live in Nova Scotia and I plan to soak it all up this weekend.
3) Coffee. Because it makes me a better person 😉
4) Living close to family. Well, not all my family – but to have both of our parents here and all of our daughter’s grandparents – WE. ARE. SPOILED. and I am so grateful.
5) Books – because they bring me so much joy and endless hours of entertainment AND my children love them too. Talking about books with others too has brought me some wonderful friendships!
6) Music – it always has the ability to lift my mood.
7) Friends – we have a few fun things lined up with friends this weekend and there’s just nothing better. I have some really close friends nearby whom I value deeply but I also have a few online friendships that are just as special!
8) Canada – no country is perfect but I love mine.
9) Work – the ability to afford our lifestyle while also working only part-time and having special time with my children is something that is making my life better the last year.
10) Yoga and the joy it brings
11) Laughter – the best medicine and I LOVE my daughters’ giggles 🙂
12) Chocolate
13) Leggings – the most comfortable thing to wear 🙂
14) My bed, especially at the end of a long week like this one 🙂

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