14 Elements in a book that will always pique my interest

Since defining myself as an avid or voracious reader over the past 5 years or so (but really, lifelong with less reading in my 20s), I’ve put a lot of thought into what makes a book “good” for me. I read primarily for enjoyment, meaning I’m not necessarily a person who reads to “learn more”. I do LEARN a lot from fiction, but I’m not a non-fiction junkie. Anyway, today I decided to chat a bit about some things that will usually make me pick up a book in any given genre (based on reviews too, of course). These might be a bit obvious…but maybe not.

By the way, happy FRIDAY!!! Us Haligonians are looking towards 5 days of NOT rain, so I can’t wait!! This past week was a total blurry mess so I am so looking forward to the weekend and our anniversary on Sunday! 🙂

Things I love in books:

1) Strong female friendships I love it when the main character in a book has at least one awesome friend. These aren’t exclusive to women, but I do like those. I especially like books if one woman is the main character and then her friend is the main character in the next book…etc. SO fun.

2) A touch of good romance Aside from romance being one of my favourite genres, I even like it if it’s just a subplot in a totally different genre like a thriller or fantasy etc.

3) Writing that makes me laugh or smile even if the book itself isn’t funny even if it’s just a line or two

4) At least one character I can root for I am a character-driven reader. I can also devour a book if the plot is fast paced enough, but I really, really want to connect with characters on the page.

5) An amazing setting such as Three Pines in Louise Penny’s series, or New York (I know, it’s so cliche, but I LOVE it), or a totally unknown setting to me like Jane Harper’s version of Australia

6) “Life lessons” that aren’t preachy I love it when a book can make me think about things in a different way

7) Canadianisms I looove books set in Canada or if a book includes a nice Canadian or mentions Canada ❤

8) Austen retellings I’d even go so far as to include a lot of fairy tale retellings etc in this category

9) A character who is a diehard Harry Potter fan two books that did this well that come to mind are The Accidental Beauty Queen and My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry. The extreme HP love in these two books probably bumped them up at least a star for me.

10) An incredible narrator (for the audiobook) I found a new favourite narrator this week that I’ll chat about next week for SUYB

11) An epilogue I love finishing a book, flipping the page, and finding out there’s a bit more 🙂

12) A bookish character Are there any bookworms out there that DON’T love books about people who love books?!

13) Short chapters These work so well in thrillers, for me. James Patterson is kind of a master at this but I think Dan Brown’s books do it well too. LOTS of action.

14) A plot that is so intense that I can’t turn the pages fast enough I love that feeling. Don’t we all?!

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