Read My Books Challenge: How’d it go??

The very idea of Erin and Dani’s Read My Books challenge for the month of June really appealed to me. I have about 5 books that I keep “meaning” to get to that I just haven’t prioritized because I own them and they aren’t due back anytime soon. I made it a goal to get through as many of my own books (including ones from Netgalley) as I could in the month of June.

Here’s how it went for me:

I started and finished The Happiness Project, which I mentioned on Tuesday that I LOVED. This took awhile to get through, but it was so worth it and probably one of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read. This one was a paperback that I’d bought a few months ago and it counted towards one of my summer reading challenges.

I read three Netgalley books: The Secrets of  Castle du Reve, The Girls in the Garden, and Sleepless in Manhattan. The latter of these two were for the reading challenge as well.

I finished listening to Emma and Sense and Sensibility, both of which I had downloaded almost a year ago and hadn’t gotten to yet.

I started three books that I haven’t yet finished: Endgame, Every Move, and The Grand Sophy.

I also finished an audiobook from the library, A Share in Death (I had to! I started it at the end of May and it was a murder mystery!!) and read one Bridgertons book from the library. I read a bunch of kids books from the library but those don’t count for this challenge. 😉

I also read a couple of Harry Potter books, which I own but they were re-reads :).

Overall, I had hoped to get to a few more of my own books this month, but I was happy with my progress and happy to have gotten ahead in some of my Netgalley books and books on my shelf. I think I would have been more likely to attempt another book off my own shelf if I hadn’t signed up for the reading challenge in the same month, because I felt torn between reading for the challenge and reading my own books. STILL a great activity though and I think I will try to do this once a year or so.

Did you try to prioritize reading your own books last month? How’d it go?! I must admit, I am relieved to have a huge pile of library books to get through again but it was a fun month of reading some cherished books and it’s also nice to see that feedback percentage go up on Netgalley!

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