10 Books I enjoyed that were set outside the U.S.

It’s been months since I linked up with The Broke and the Bookish for Top Ten Tuesday, but I enjoyed this opportunity to discuss some books that I love set outside the US. You would think that being Canadian has led me to read more books set in Canada, but unfortunately that isn’t the case necessarily. While I have read a decent amount of Canadian fiction (especially in school), I think I’ve definitely read a lot more books set in the US or the UK etc.

Here are a few of my favourites:

The Louise Penny series (set in Canada) – I know I talk about these books ALL THE TIME but I am so in love and so happy to be reading a Canadian series that I really, really enjoy. Inspector Gamache’s character is awesome and I love the setting of a small village in rural Quebec.

The Da Vinci Code (France)– although Robert Langdon is an American, Dan Brown’s books are set in Europe and I love that. I went through a major obsession with these books about 10 years ago when The Da Vinci Code was gifted to me, and they are still some of the most intense I’ve ever read (although I’m not entirely sure if they are historically factual and I know they are criticized for that – but I don’t care). I loved Angels and Demons too but some of the imagery in it was a bit too much for me. Inferno made me sick with worry.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – (United Kingdom) – this book is pretty well known, and I put off reading it for WAY too long but I absolutely loved it last year and would highly recommend it if you haven’t read it yet.

Speaking of which, I could list about 20 books that are favourites of mine and set in the UK because European countries tend to be the setting for most classics (Jane Austen’s books, Great Expectations, most regency era fiction, and Harry Potter are a few that come to mind immediately)…

A Share in Death (United Kingdom) – I’ve only read the first in this series but it was really good! I keep meaning to pick up the next book about the superintendent of Scotland Yard in London.

Anne of Green Gables series (set in Canada) – currently living only 3 hours away from PEI and having been lucky enough to visit Cavendish many times in my life, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this wonderful series by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series (Sweden) – this series was pretty intense but I didn’t enjoy the 3rd book as much and I haven’t read the 4th one written by a different author. As thrillers go, it was good though and the character development was pretty interesting. Some content warning is required, in my opinion, and I will probably never re-read these books, but I enjoyed them enough at the time.

What Alice Forgot (Australia) – my favourite so far by Liane Moriarty closely followed by Big Little Lies. In many ways, Australia feels so close in culture to Canada except for the weather (at least in the cities – I think Sydney – Moriarty writes about).

The Kite Runner (Afghanistan) – I read this for the first time this year and it was amazing and very, very eye-opening. It might not count since part of it takes place in the US, but I think the culture that is described in detail makes this one fit in here.

Memoirs of a Geisha – (set in Japan) – I haven’t read this book in a few years, but I remember absolutely captivated by it when I read it. It’s a powerful read about a time in history that I knew nothing about.

And a fictional setting:
The Princess Bride – (set in Europe – fictional Italy area ish?!) What’s not to love about this book and the movie too? I am also beyond excited to listen to As You Wish in the next few weeks about the making of the movie.

This book could have easily been a lot longer! I have really enjoyed the WWII fiction I’ve read this year too 🙂

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