July Talk (link up!)

July was a busy, busy month in our house…and August is shaping up to be busy too! That’s what happens in the summer around here. It has been wonderful too though – I am loving catching up with so many wonderful friends and family members. Our girls are at a great age to be “on the go” and that allows us a lot more flexibility this summer to skip naps, have sleepovers, and travel around the province a bit.

It seems like lately all I’ve had the time (or energy) to write blog posts about include this what’s new link up with Kristen and Gretch and the Show us your Books link up. Honestly, I think I’m just saving people time…I consolidate all of my life into two posts a month. hahaha. I’m actually hoping to start writing a bit more, but due to the busy-ness of life, it just hasn’t happened yet. And I’m okay with that. I just like these monthly link ups so that I can look back someday and see what happened πŸ™‚

Linking up with Kristen and Gretch to share some of what we did this month:

Lucy got her first haircut (and Molly got an unpictured one too :))

We celebrated my mom’s birthday with my sister & her family (how adorable is my baby niece?!)

I stalked social media while Sidney Crosby (who grew up in the neighbourhood we live in) came home with the Stanley Cup, but we skipped the parade because it was SO HOT OUT and my kids are too little to care, unfortunately.


Ate a lot of kale caesar salad (the healthy version – I hope to share this recipe soon!) from our garden

Saw Love and Friendship with a good friend – the movie was super enjoyable!!

Went to a lot of Molly’s soccer practices πŸ™‚

Took the kids to the beach by myself, which was fun but also a bit nerve-wracking. Lucy is absolutely fearless and does not understand that waves are a BIT scary for Mommy. haha.

Spent last weekend visiting good friends in New Brunswick which included Brian and his 2 best friends taking the kids out on their boat on a lake while I went to the mall with the women (what a nice break!)…also included a stop at a wonderful splash pad on the way home, which was SO fun for the kids.

excuse the random stranger (that’s not Brian)

Read a lot of great books which I’ll be chatting about next Tuesday including HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD ❀ which I obviously adored.

And that’s about it. I also read Molly about 10 Magic Treehouse books, watched a bit of TV with Brian, went for a couple of runs, went to a few bootcamp classes & spin classes, socialized with girlfriends, enjoyed time on the deck, nearly melted in the 100% humidity, made some plans for the fall, and deep-cleaned parts of the house (still more to go, though!). What a great month. August looks like it will be even better because it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH πŸ™‚ So…what’s new with you?!

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